statutory boulevard thanks to president zorogl
61 Trabzon

Thanks to Kanuni Boulevard from Mayor Zorluoğlu

The opening of the Beşirli-Erdoğdu part of the Kanuni Boulevard, which has a total length of 28 kilometers and ends at the Gözalan location of the Trabzon-Maçka road starting from the Yıldız location of the Black Sea Coast Road, was welcomed by the people of Trabzon. ALTERNATIVE ROUTE HAS BEEN [more…]

boztepenin bagrina viaduct dagger
61 Trabzon

Viaduct dagger to the bosom of Boztepe

The connection of a new viaduct to Boztepe tunnels within the framework of Kanuni Boulevard road construction is receiving great reaction. 100 meters will exceed the viaduct feet will be stabbed in the bosom of Trabzon daggers said. Dagger to the bosom of the city [more…]

trabzon legal boulevard works on
61 Trabzon

Work Continues in Trabzon Kanuni Boulevard

Minister Turhan, in his speech at the opening ceremony held in Trabzon Atatürk Area with the honors of our President Erdoğan, wished God's mercy to the police officer Akın Çelebi, who reached the level of martyrdom, and wished his family's patience and condolences to the whole Turkish nation. [more…]

the stage of legal boulevard stepping started
61 Trabzon

Kanuni Bulvarı Stage Phase Begins

Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, said, "The Kanuni Boulevard, which will ease the burden of the coastal road serving Trabzon's inner city, intercity and international traffic, has started to be put into service in stages." said. Minister [more…]

trabzona erzincandan railway project
61 Trabzon

Trabzon Erzincan Railway Project

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Mehmet Cahit Turhan stated that they are working on 16 projects for Trabzon and said, "Our work on the railway project from Trabzon to Erzincan continues." said. Minister Turhan, the tradesmen's visit in the Ortahisar district Development District [more…]

Intercity Railways

Railway Stamped Workshop

Trabzon's Problems The workshop on “Trabzon's yesterday, today and tomorrow” organized by Ortahisar Municipality has ended. In the two-day workshop, the past, present and future of the Trabzon economy (Historical Silk Road Revitalization Project), education and employment. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Erzincan - Trabzon Railway lyrics from Süleyman Soylu

He spoke from the Minister of Interior Süleyman Soylu about the Erzincan - Trabzon Railway and other projects in Trabzon. Regarding the laws passed by the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, Minister Süleyman Soylu said, “Two laws specific to Trabzon were passed. Arsin investment island [more…]


Details of Rail System in Trabzon

The details of the rail system in Trabzon became clear: A light rail system meeting was held in Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality. Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Organized by Orhan Fevzi Gumrukcuoglu, the meeting will be brought to Trabzon by the Metropolitan Municipality [more…]


I Want to Light Rail System

If I was a Dolmuşçu I would like a light rail system. I shout: The President of Trabzon City Council Mustafa Yaylalı Kanuni Boulevard is an opportunity for Trabzon and the Light Rail and South Ring Road is very fast. [more…]


The Gospel of Light Rail System in Trabzona

Trabzona Light Rail System Announcement: Airport, Meydan, Akyazı line 1st Stage Project is over. It will be put out to tender soon, it will be put into service after 1 year. Traffic, which has been the subject of discussion in Trabzon for years, and which everyone is longing for, [more…]


Trabzon Metro Station

Trabzon is now requested Metro: In Trabzon, the light rail system could not be implemented in order to solve the traffic problem and the project has completed its life. Now the Metro is requested. Both rail system's most rentable [more…]


Light appeared in Akyazı Tunnel

The light appeared in Akyazı Tunnel: Drilling in the left tube of the double tube Akyazı Tunnel, which is one of the important crossings in the Trabzon section of the Black Sea Coastal Road and is under construction within the scope of Kanuni Boulevard, has been completed – [more…]


Yonca junction response

Alfalfa intersection response: MHP Provincial Chairman Demeli criticized the way of rant discussed. MHP Trabzon Provincial Chairman Muammer Demeli No solution to Trabzon's problem, said that no mega project was made, some of the projects that serve rent [more…]