Ankara Themed Game Design Competition Concluded
06 Ankara

Ankara Themed Game Design Competition Concluded

The team, which was selected first in the Digital Game Competition organized in cooperation with Ankara Metropolitan Municipality and OSTİM Technical University, introduced their games. At the meeting hosted by ABB, trips were made to Ankara's touristic spots and Ankara's [more…]

WhatsApp Cloud-Based API Has Been Used by Businesses

WhatsApp Cloud-Based API Released for Business

WhatsApp's cloud-based application programming interface, WhatsApp Cloud API, has been made available to businesses and developers. Along with the Cloud API, new features of WhatsApp Business were also announced. WhatsApp, cloud-based application programming interface [more…]

Less Risk, Faster Logistics Thanks to Deneteam

Less Risk, Faster Logistics Thanks to 'Deneteam'

Combining digitalization and speed, Arkas Logistics brought its audit processes to the online platform through the Deneteam application. While the application provides standardization in all services offered to customers by Arkas Logistics, it also detects potential risks instantly. [more…]

Signatures Have Been Made for the Chemistry Technology Center
41 Kocaeli

Signatures for the Chemical Technology Center

A critical move has come in the field of chemistry, which is one of the leading sectors of Turkey's exports. Chemistry Technology, which will meet the test and analysis needs of the sector with domestic and national resources and create a new generation ecosystem [more…]

The World's Machines Will Be Produced in Sivas
58 Sivas

The Machines of the World will be Produced in Sivas

The foundation of the factory to be established by Tezmaksan, the leader of Turkey in the machine tools industry and the second largest company in Europe, in Sivas with an investment of 15 million Euros, was laid on May 10, 2022. Nature at the Sivas Nuri Demirağ Organized Industrial Zone [more…]

ASELSAN Manufactured SAKA Micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicle
06 Ankara

ASELSAN Micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicle 'SAKA'!

SAKA Micro Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Project is the development of an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) that can be easily transported, can be integrated with land platforms, and can perform indoor and outdoor missions for reconnaissance, surveillance and intelligence purposes. [more…]