First shots successfully with electron gun
06 Ankara

First Shots Are Successful With Electron Gun

The first firing tests were successfully carried out in the Electron Gun Development Project carried out in ASELSAN. The success achieved with the electron gun, which is the most critical component of three-dimensional printers for additive manufacturing, has been used in the field of defense and aerospace. [more…]

the national smart grid was carried out by aselsan
06 Ankara

National Smart Grid Workshop Held by ASELSAN

National Smart Grid Workshop; It was carried out by ASELSAN with the participation of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey (SSB) and the Turkish Electricity Transmission Company (TEİAŞ). TEİAŞ Deputy General Manager Deniz Coşkun, related department heads, branch managers and other TEİAŞ employees [more…]

Mitsubishi adds soul to electric robots

Mitsubishi Electric Develops Robot Technology

Mitsubishi Electric, which performs studies beyond the age in the field of robotics and develops robots that can cooperate with people, raises the issue of whether the robot can be loaded with spirit and consciousness in the future in the light of its proprietary MAISART technology. [more…]

fake bearings cause financial losses
34 Istanbul

Counterfeit Bearings Cause Financial Losses

Silkar Endaş pointed out that counterfeit bearings and power transmission products pose a great threat to factories, causing financial losses. Silkar Endaş informs all factories about counterfeit bearings and power transmission products. Counterfeit products [more…]

genie named the first mars traveler zhurong
86 China

China Named Its First Mars Traveler Zhurong

China's National Space Agency (CNSA) announced that China's first Mars rover was named "Zhurong", in its announcement on the occasion of Space Day in the country. Since Mars is called Huoxing (the planet of fire) in Chinese, the name of the fire god in Chinese mythology, namely Zhurong, is the country's first [more…]

The method to protect children in the digital world

5 Methods to Protect Children in the Digital World

In recent years, the rate of children's involvement in the computer and internet environment has been increasing. According to published reports, one of every 3 internet users appears as a child. Children spend more time in the digital world than their parents, teachers and friends. [more…]

Jeep crisis situation in recent turkiyenin
34 Istanbul

Recent Status Chip Crisis in Turkey

During the pandemic process, issues such as remote working and education spread around the world, while increasing the demand for electronic products, brought the chip crisis with it. Set a goal of having Turkey and Technopark chip in the chip design house R & D offices in Istanbul [more…]

handle ice cream machine
Guest Post

Filling Machines Advantages and Features

Filling machines, which are widely used in industrial areas, are nowadays on the shelf system to fill the products to be filled in the packages after the necessary precise weighing processes are completed and the upper parts of the bag pomegranate are packaged and sent to sale in the best way. [more…]

Russia Announces Its Exit from the International Space Station Project
7 Russia

Russia Announces It Will Exit International Space Station

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yuriy Borisov said his country will leave the International Space Station project in 2025. In a statement made by the Russian Prime Ministry to the Russian TASS news agency, it was stated that there were technical problems at the International Space Station. In the statement, technical inspection of the station and inspection [more…]