rayhaber.com (As English raillynews.com, will be in german blaubahn.com, in Italian ferrovie24.com, in Arabic arabrailnews.com, in Russian adanamersin.com and in Spanish karavanhaber.com) broadcasts in 55 languages ​​on its websites.

RayHaber contact and phone information are as follows:

Özenray Railway Ltd. Sti.
Address: Adalet mah. Anadolu cad. Megapol Tower 41/81 35530 Bayraklı Izmir Turkey
VD/No:       Karşıyaka Tax Office/ 6870306332
Tel: +90 (532) 478 57 97
Whatsapp: +90 (553) 770 52 69
E-mail: ozendanismanlik[at]gmail.com
UETS:          15623-26967-42627


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