Special Equipment for Adventurous Dacia Users: Extreme

Special hardware for adventurous Dacia users
Special Equipment for Adventurous Dacia Users: Extreme

At the European Motor Show in Brussels, Dacia showed a special preview of the Extreme trim level of the Spring model. The Extreme equipment level, which makes a difference with its original look and suitable for the outdoor spirit, is starting to be offered to users in Jogger and Duster together with Spring.

Extreme hardware features:

Exterior design

New body colour: Cedar Green (Jogger and Duster) / Slate Blue (Spring), Gloss Black Shark Antenna (Jogger and Duster), Model name in copper brown letters on roof rails (Jogger and Duster) / copper brown touches on roof rails (Spring), Copper brown touches on the side mirror caps and wheel caps, the copper brown Dacia logo on the trunk, the topographical design strips on the front doors, the signature snorkeling between the front doors and the front fenders (Spring and Jogger), the copper brown touches next to the fog lights ( Jogger) / touches in copper brown next to the headlights (Spring), Door sills in topographic design (Spring and Jogger), Gloss black alloy wheels (17" in Duster, 16" in Jogger), B-pillars with topographical design and inlays (Duster) ), Copper coffee snorkel (Duster)

Interior design

MicroCloud, a new type of gray upholstery in the Extreme trim level (Jogger and Duster), covers the door panels and seats (Jogger and Duster) and the dashboard (Jogger). MicroCloud was developed specifically for interior-related elements (seats and other parts). It is resistant to wear and tear, easy to clean, has a unique velvet-like appearance and a pleasant surface to the touch.

Embossed Dacia Link emblem on the front seats, rubber floor mats with a topographic design at the front, rubber mats with a topographic design in the second row (Duster and Jogger) and in the third row (Jogger), copper brown decor inlays around the front door panels and ventilation grilles, topographic patterned door sills, Copper brown decor coating on gear lever frame (Duster), copper brown seams on gear lever bellows (Duster), copper brown decor plate on navigation screen frame (Spring)

Dacia Jogger Extreme Sleep Package

“Electric 65: A new engine with Spring Extreme”

Dacia Spring introduces the All-New Electric 65 Engine (65hp / 48kw) with Extreme Hardware. This engine is only available with Spring Extreme. The new engine increases the torque transferred to the wheels through a unique transmission, providing a longer range, more acceleration and recovery.

Thanks to the new ELECTRIC 65 engine, Spring Extreme offers a range of 220 km in the WLTP mixed loop.

Enhanced Handling Control is standard on the Jogger's Extreme trim level. It is activated by a button in the center console. It adjusts the Electronic Stability Control (ESC) settings, allowing the wheels to turn more freely and grip on loose/difficult surfaces.

Dacia's iconic outdoor vehicle Duster is available with all-wheel drive and remains one of the most reliable SUVs on the market.

Dacia Jogger Extreme

The Sleep Pack is available for the first time as part of the InNature line of accessories. Available on all Jogger trim levels, the Sleep Package makes it possible to transform the passenger compartment into a bedroom in just a few minutes. This removable accessory is compatible with all Jogger vehicles.

The package is hidden when the tailgate is closed and the Jogger looks like a regular 5-seater. Thanks to clever engineering, even if the package is installed (220 lt), it always provides storage space. It can also be used as a shelf when the lid with the logo is closed.

The sliding bed system in the rear doors includes a 190 cm x 130 cm mattress. This setup provides at least 60cm wide headroom.

Dacia Jogger Extreme Sleep Package

Complementing Dacia's InNature Sleeping Pack are accessories:

“Blinds on all windows for light and privacy control, smart tent that can be connected to the Jogger when the trunk is open and provides extra sleeping space”

The Sleep Package will be offered to users on demand as of June in Turkey.