İZTAŞIT Implementation Will Begin in Yenifoça as of April

IZTASIT Application Will Begin in Yenifoca as of April
İZTAŞIT Implementation Will Begin in Yenifoça as of April

📩 14/03/2023 11:59

The İZTAŞIT application, which was first implemented by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality in Seferihisar, will also start in Yenifoça after Kiraz and Menemen. Minister Tunç Soyer“We take the safe, comfortable and economical public transportation service to the furthest points of our city under the control of ESHOT and with the advantages of Izmirim Card,” he said.

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerThe İZTAŞIT project, which was initiated by Seferihisar four years ago to provide safe, comfortable and economical public transportation services throughout the city, is also being implemented in Yenifoça. For the fourth stop of the project, which was developed with the aim of integrating the surrounding districts into the public transportation network, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation and Yenifoça Birlik Road No. SS 49. Auto. Mot. Stone. A contract was signed between the cooperative. A total of 20 İZTAŞIT vehicles on eight lines will start serving in Yenifoça as of Sunday, April 16, 2023, within the "Pay As You Go" and "A tariffs". İZTAŞIT's will work on the lines connected to İzmir Bus Terminal, Aliağa and Eskifoça. While the era of public transportation will begin with vehicles in compliance with the legislation, irregular stop-and-go minibuses will end, and passenger and traffic safety will increase. In addition, the cash period in public transportation will end; Izmirim Card boarding will begin.

“İZTAŞIT will continue on its way with new stops”

Emphasizing that İZTAŞIT continues on its way with new stops, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer“We are proud to be launching a model in public transportation, which has never been seen before in Turkey and will spread in waves, in our fourth district. As in every field, we experience how valuable cooperatives are in the İZTAŞIT project. Thanks to this application, which we started four years ago, we offer safe, comfortable and economical public transportation to our surrounding districts. İZTAŞIT will continue on its way with new stops, making both tradesmen and passengers happy.”

İZMİRİM Card advantages

Thanks to the project, the cash payment period in public transportation will end in Yenifoça Region and travel will be made with İzmirim Card. Citizens of the 60 and 65 age group living in the region, the disabled, students and teachers, and those who use free and discounted cards will be able to benefit from public transportation rights, as well as from the transfer system.

ESHOT supervised service

İZTAŞIT vehicles, drivers and cooperative management will be under the control of ESHOT General Directorate. All trainings given to ESHOT drivers will also be given to İZTAŞIT drivers on a regular basis. Transportation plans will be made by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department and ESHOT General Directorate Transportation Planning Department.

Tradesmen are developing by being institutionalized

The İZTAŞIT project, which leads the development of minibus tradesmen in the economic crisis that has deepened with the pandemic process, enables individual transporters to unite under a corporate roof. Public transportation vehicles are also renewed in the districts where the İZTAŞIT project is activated. İZTAŞITs with high passenger capacity, well-equipped, environmentally friendly, suitable for disabled access, equipped with or equipped with bicycle apparatus, and inspected by in-vehicle camera systems increase the quality standards in public transportation services.