Bridge Construction Started in Elmalı Bayralar District

Bridge Construction Started in Elmali Bayralar District
Bridge Construction Started in Elmalı Bayralar District

📩 06/03/2023 11:38

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality has started work for the construction of a new bridge by demolishing the old bridge connecting the Bayralar District of Elmalı district to Tekke and Karamık districts.

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Rural Services Department is building a new bridge in Elmalı district Bayralar Mahallesi, which was destroyed over time and expired. The bridge connecting Bayralar to Tekke and Karamık neighborhoods will be rebuilt to protect the safety of the citizens. Metropolitan teams are creating a secondary road on the side of the old bridge so that the traffic will not be interrupted during the construction of the bridge.

Elmalı Bayralar District Headman İsmail Sarı said, “The bridge that connects Bayralar, Karamık, Tekke and Akçaeniş neighborhoods and which is used very frequently by the citizens, could no longer meet the needs in natural conditions and over time. We have taken the necessary initiatives to renew this bridge, which endanger the traffic and pedestrian safety. Our Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor, who was not indifferent to our request. Muhittin Böcek gave the necessary instructions. The works have begun. President for his support Muhittin Böcek“I would like to thank you on behalf of my neighborhood and myself,” he said.