2+1 Residence for Sale in Edirne

Residence for Sale in Edirne
2+1 Residence for Sale in Edirne

📩 12/03/2023 13:42

2+1 residence for sale in Edirne, Merkez District, Medrese Alibey Mahallesi, 465 Island, 40 Plot (Old 464 Island, 34 Plot - Renewal registration in accordance with Article 3402/A of 22 SY. 12/12/2022- 34115 yev .) Nezihe Efe Apartment, 1st Floor, independent section number 4, 561,75 m² of the main immovable, with 2/12 plot of land, whose full share is registered in the name of the debtor.

Since the door of the dwelling was not opened during the appraisal and it was not possible to enter, apartment 5 was visited as a precedent, and the valuation was made on the basis of the precedent flat and the pictures in the file. It consists of 2 rooms, 1 entrance, 1 room, dining room and living room with open spaces (saloon salamanje), kitchen, bathroom, WC, 2 balconies. Kitchen cabinet and bathroom cabinet are not available. Wet floors are 3rd class ceramic coating. The building with heating and no elevator is about 40 years old. The residence, which is located on the 2st floor of the ground floor +1 normal storey building, is located on the right according to the staircase exit. Infrastructure services have been completed, it benefits from all municipal services and is located close to social reinforcement areas. The real estate is 200 meters from the old state hospital campus, 320 meters from the Bulgarian Consulate General, 100 meters from the D-50 highway, approximately 750 meters from the historical places and the city center, and it is located in the old settlement area that has completed the development of the city and where the middle income group resides.

Address :Merdese Alibey Mahallesi, Nezihe Efe Apartment, 1st Floor, Number 4Center / Edirne
Area: 561,75 m² (This is the area of ​​the main real estate.)
Land Share : 2/12
Zoning Status: According to the zoning status inquiry of Edirne Municipality (Directorate of Zoning and Urban Planning) dated 13/10/2022, the immovable is located in a 4-storey separate residential residential area in the city zoning plan.
Value: 664.000,00 TL
VAT Rate: 1%
Annotations in the Record: Other: There is a statement "MANAGEMENT PLAN: 03/11/1971" on the immovable.

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