E-Commerce Experts Will Meet at Ikas E-Commerce Summit on May 27

E-Commerce Experts Will Meet at Ikas E-Commerce Summit in May
E-Commerce Experts Will Meet at Ikas E-Commerce Summit on May 27

📩 16/03/2023 13:11

The important players of e-commerce, which has turned into an important source of income for companies and entrepreneurs, will come together at the e-commerce summit to be held on May 27. At the event to be organized online by ikas, many topics such as what to consider when selling on Amazon, one of the world's largest e-commerce platforms, and how to be successful in the international online marketplace ETSY, will be discussed and success stories will be shared.

With the spread of digitalization, the e-commerce world increases its growth momentum, while the important players of the local market come together at the e-commerce summit. At the E-Commerce Summit organized by ikas, which provides e-commerce infrastructure services to SMEs, experts in the sector will share their knowledge and experience under the moderation of ikas Founder Mustafa Namoğlu. The event, which will start at 27 on May 21.30 and last for approximately three hours, will be held online. While 8 surprise guests will be included in the event, ikas, the host of the summit, will announce the gifts with special e-commerce packages prepared for the participants.

“Speakers will discuss the dynamics of e-commerce”

ikas Founder Mustafa Namoğlu, who is the moderator of the E-Commerce Summit, will explain the importance of e-commerce in the business world in his opening speech titled “Why E-Commerce”. Then, Business Up Founder Önder Türker will discuss how different sectors can turn the conditions of e-commerce into an advantage with his presentation titled “What fashion brands should pay attention to in internet sales”. Protein Ocean Co-Founder Selçuk Selvi shared Protein Ocean's success story, while Dr. Ümit Aktaş will also evaluate the issues of drug-free life and Ömer Nart, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of WORLDEF, Turkey's first e-export company, and the development of e-commerce in our country.

“Advice will be given to those who will start e-commerce”

During the second half of the E-Commerce Summit, a special package announcement will be made for the webinar, and then Mert Fırat, one of the well-known names in the world of cinema and theater, will share his experiences, which have evolved from acting to entrepreneurship, to the participants. Entrepreneur and Trainer Mehmet Tek will give advice to those who will start their e-commerce activities, while Trainer Burak Saat will discuss the issues that should be considered when selling on Amazon, one of the world's largest e-commerce platforms. While Ozan Evliyaoğlu shared the success story of The Purest Solutions, of which he is the Founding Partner, Kerem Başali, Founder of Toolsy, asked “How does success come in ETSY?” After the presentations on the theme, the event will end with the final discount announcement.