These Countries Are Especially Bitcoin Friendly

btc mining
btc mining

📩 06/03/2023 21:14

When looking for the most Bitcoin-friendly countries, one can look at the German in the immediate neighbourhood, because in Europe you will find Portugal, a country that thinks over the numerous advantages when it comes to Bitcoin and therefore gives Bitco fans many options to use their favorite cryptocurrency.

A view towards Armenia

But before we legit travel to Portugal, we make a short detour to Armenia. The small country has big plans and wants to become a major Bitcoin mining center in the future. In Armenia, since 2018, there is a Free Economic Zone (ECOS) aimed at attracting start-ups in the field of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. In the near future, the country wants to become even more attractive to miners and crypto investors.

Portugal does not want to block Bitcoin

Compared to some other countries in Europe, Portugal does not want to put any obstacles in the way of Bitcoin and supports Bitcoin holders with various advantages such as taxes. BTC Mining is also an important topic, as there are projects whose projects represent a good mix of Bitcoin mining and sustainability. For example, a family from the Netherlands wants to establish their own Bitcoin village in Portugal, whose energy needs are completely met by nature. The family had previously traveled the world after selling their property in the Netherlands at a profit and investing in Bitcoin. Now, by establishing a Bitcoin-based village, the next step in their life is to follow and attract more Bitcoin fans.

Bitcoin mining will become more sustainable overall

It's certainly no secret that Bitcoin has long struggled with a display issue as they are not mined in the most environmentally friendly way, just like other cryptocurrencies. However, digital currencies have now adapted to people's thinking and are slowly working towards using less electricity when mining and using energy that is already available as a surplus or given by nature. On both counts it plays an important role in polishing the image of cryptocurrencies and gaining greater recognition of the mining method in society as a whole.

Cryptocurrencies rise in price

Bitcoin, just like other cryptocurrencies, after months of hard times due to the corona epidemic and the war in Ukraine, and the price plummeting, the downward slide seems to have come to an end as prices rise again, and this fact clearly shows that the assumptions of many Bitcoins are expanding. That's right, because they predict that for 2023, Bitcoin and Co. will experience a new high. So, anyone who invests in Bitcoin at a low price can benefit very soon if the popular cryptocurrency sees a steady increase in value.