Bitci Borsa is Ready to Introduce Innovations to the Ecosystem with its 2023 Plans

Bitci is Ready to Innovate the Ecosystem with its Exchange Plans
Bitci Borsa is Ready to Introduce Innovations to the Ecosystem with its 2023 Plans

📩 07/03/2023 11:37

Domestic cryptocurrency exchange Bitci continues to take new steps in line with the 2023 roadmap. The exchange, which removed the Fan Token parity in the first period, started the BitciEDU training program and announced its corporate collaborations, draws attention with its moves in the ecosystem. In Bitci's future plans; new listings, growth campaigns, and community building work.

Bitci, one of Turkey's leading cryptocurrency exchanges, has gained a serious momentum with the new structuring process. The stock market, which shared its plans and strategies for 2023 with the public at the Bitci Summit event held in the previous period, stands out with the steps it took in the crypto ecosystem in the first period of the year. In addition to the moves made in this context, studies regarding the actions to be taken in the coming period are also continuing.

Positioning its 2023 plans on stock market developments, growth campaigns and community formation, Bitci Borsa's 2023 plans are divided into three periods. The stock market, which took many new steps in the first period, continues to work on the moves to be made in the next period.

Paymount EU and EVOX collaborations

Entering a new exchange process in 2023, the cryptocurrency exchange shared many new developments with the ecosystem during this period. In this context, the exchange, which announced its cooperation with Paymount EU, one of the largest payment system companies in the world, took an important step for its effectiveness in global markets. Within the scope of the agreement, it was stated that strategic partnership will be provided as well as investments to be made in Bitci. The company, which is currently partnering with the world's largest stock exchanges, is expected to make significant contributions to Bitci's new journey.

In addition, the exchange, which continues to expand the scope of its activities in the crypto ecosystem in 2023, has launched a training program on blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies in cooperation with the crypto money consultancy platform EVOX. With the BitciEDU training program, it is planned to provide crypto money training to 500 members of Bitci every month in order to increase financial literacy.

Future plans of Bitci Borsa

Emphasizing that the exchange will act by putting the principles of transparency and reliability at the center of its new roadmap, it is planned to publish proof of reserve reports in certain periods in this direction. In addition, it is stated that the number of users will be announced at the end of each period within the scope of transparency policies.

With the new application updates to be made within the scope of stock market developments, details such as interface change, notification sending, dark mode, light mode, alarm integration, stake options and stop loss will be further detailed. Thus, investors will be offered a more comfortable user experience.

Community formation

In this process, the exchange, which will focus on new campaigns and sponsorship efforts, is expected to take important steps in community formation. Bitci Borsa CEO Ahmet Onur Yeygün made a statement on the subject and stated that they are working on the creation of the BitciUni network; She emphasized that they are currently communicating with Sabancı University and Çankaya University groups, that they are planning collaborations with new universities, and that they will work with women's communities to increase the presence of women in the ecosystem.

Events and projects

In the upcoming period, BitciTruck will be visited in the Eastern and Southeastern Anatolia regions and the vision of Bitci will be explained. On the other hand, investor meetings will be held with BitciSummer23 events, and social responsibility projects will be carried out for the benefit of society.

Bitci Exchange, which will focus on new listings, will continue to expand the alternatives it offers to its users. In this process, where quality growth-oriented strategies are prioritized, new campaigns and collaborations will be emphasized.