New Trains of Barcelona Metro Entered Service

New Trains of Barcelona Metro Entered Service
New Trains of Barcelona Metro Entered Service

📩 30/03/2023 16:20

Alstom's new trains for Barcelona Metro operator TMB (Transportes Metropolitanos de Barcelona) entered commercial service on line 3. 50 new metro trains will replace the Barcelona Metro line 1 and 3 fleet. Following the commissioning of this first train on line 3, the existing fleet is planned to be gradually replaced in the coming months. All trains are produced at Alstom's industrial site in Santa Perpètua, Barcelona.

These new trains are part of a contract awarded to Alstom in October 320 to supply 50 new metro trains from the Metropolis family for around €2019 million, which are more sustainable, efficient and accessible.

During the commissioning of this first train, TMB President Laia Bonet said, “With these new trains, we are improving the service by offering more comfort and accessibility, and we are moving towards a more sustainable mobility thanks to their lower energy consumption. it is also more accessible with wider doors and corridors and we realize this is a good solution for the mobility of everyone in our community, in our city.”

Leopoldo Maestu, President of Alstom Spain, said: “It is an honor for us to have once again put TMB's trust in Alstom and our facility in Catalonia to develop the latest generation of metro trains that are at the forefront of safety, sustainability, technology, accessibility and comfort. Commitment to social responsibility for a sustainable future in the economic, social and environmental fields,” he emphasizes.

New trains are more sustainable and accessible

The new trains build on the experience and reliability of Alstom's Metropolis range, bringing together new innovations and technological solutions, with special emphasis on sustainability and accessibility. Thus, the trains have a lightweight construction, low energy consumption, technical reliability, ease of maintenance and improved air filtration. Accessibility requirements are also included to comply not only with current Spanish and Catalonian regulations, but also with neighboring countries' guidelines. The five-car trains were equipped with remote controls and sensors to manage the maintenance of the rolling stock.

Compared to existing trains, the new rolling stock also stands out in terms of digitalisation, with new information systems, more digital displays and real-time security cameras, lower noise levels and the availability of USB ports to charge mobile devices. Other innovations of the new trains are ease of access, lighting (100% LEDs) as well as interior ergonomics.

Metropolis is Alstom's metro solution with driverless systems. Metropolis trains feature low noise levels, high recyclability and optimized energy efficiency to minimize environmental impact. More than 30 cities worldwide have ordered or operated Metropolis trains, including Amsterdam, Singapore, Panama City, Barcelona, ​​Paris, Riyadh, Dubai, Sydney and Montreal.