ASPİLSAN Energy is 42 Years Old

ASPİLSAN Energy is 42 Years Old

📩 31/03/2023 15:05

ASPİLSAN Energy has been working for 1981 years with the aim of providing solutions that will reduce the foreign dependency of our country in the field of energy systems, since 42, when it was founded with donations made by charitable citizens and organizations from Kayseri.

ASPİLSAN Energy, which established Turkey's first lithium-ion battery production facility and started mass production in June 2022, celebrates its 42nd anniversary. Ferhat Özsoy, General Manager of ASPİLSAN Energy, made the following statement regarding the company's 42nd anniversary: ​​“For 42 years, we aim to offer solutions that will reduce our country's dependence on foreign energy systems. The most important focus of ASPİLSAN Energy between 2021-2022 was our lithium-ion battery production facility investment, which we started and continued with the support of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation (TSKGV). As ASPİLSAN Energy, we have come a long way in producing batteries locally and nationally. The realization of this investment in a very short time was possible with serious effort. With the batteries produced in our facility, the needs of both the defense industry and the private sector are met locally and nationally, and efforts are being made to develop battery cells of different types, sizes and technologies in the future. The batteries we produce can be used in radio, jammer, robotic system, weapon system, power tools, medical, hybrid vehicles (HEV), smart textile products batteries, e-bike, e-scooter, forklift, UPS systems (mini EDS) and energy storage systems. .

While ASPİLSAN Energy has been responding to the energy needs of the defense industry for 42 years, it has expanded its portfolio significantly with new products by turning to different sectors with its innovative solutions it has produced in recent years.

According to the "R&D 250" research, as ASPİLSAN Energy, we have become the 2021rd company in our country that carries out the most projects in the "Top 100 According to the Number of Projects Conducted in the R&D Center" category in 33. As a company, we closely follow innovative solutions and advanced technologies in our sector in our four R&D centers located in Kayseri, Ankara, Istanbul and Edirne.

Our Goal Is To Make Our Country The Battery Production Center Of The Region

I would like to state that we will continue to research and develop with the aim of strengthening our country's industry with the efforts of Turkish engineers, with local and national resources, without leaving our strategy.

As a result of these studies, which are the core of the investments to be made in the following period, ASPİLSAN Energy realizes an important stage for the Turkey of tomorrow and takes the first steps for Turkey to take its place at the forefront in the era of e-mobility.

ASPİLSAN Energy Turned The Route To The European Market

We have been working with the aim of becoming an important battery exporter by 2023. In particular, we focused our efforts on exporting to Europe. Although the batteries we produce meet international standards, we consider that being the first manufacturer in the region and the difficulties in supply from the Far East will help us enter this market.
Again, with our products other than the defense industry, especially with our e-mobility and telecommunication batteries, we have full confidence that we will be in foreign markets in a short time.
While we have managed to prevent foreign dependency to a large extent with our lithium-ion battery production facility that we brought to our country in 2022, we are working with the aim of becoming an important battery exporter in 2023, that is, in our 42nd year.”