Guide Dogs in Public Transportation

Guide Dogs in Public Transportation
Guide Dogs in Public Transportation

The guide dog practice pioneered by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for visually impaired citizens with the vision of “Another Disability Policy is Possible” is becoming widespread. The application was introduced to the people of Izmir with the “Life with Guide Dogs” panel. After the panel held at Konak Ferry Pier, visually impaired people traveled by using the subway, tram and ferry accompanied by their guide dogs.

The programs organized by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of the 3 December International Day of Persons with Disabilities continued with the life event with guide dogs. Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerIn line with the vision of "Another Disability Policy is Possible", Social Projects Department, which carries out its activities for a life without barriers, organized a "Life with Guide Dogs" panel in cooperation with the Guide Dog Association at the Konak Ferry Pier of the Engelsİzmir Branch Office.

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Social Projects Department Head Mehmet Anıl Kaçar, Engelsİzmir Branch Manager Nilay Seçkin Öner, Guide Dogs Association Founding President Nurdeniz Tuncer, Guide Dog Mobility Trainer Burcu Bora, Guide Dog Owner Kemal Görey Beydağı, Guide Dogs Association Gökçe Şengül attended the program. Guide dogs Bulut, Esmer and Kara also took part in the event.

Safe journey with Cloud, Dark and Brunette

In the panel, the place and awareness of guide dogs, the most loyal companions of the visually impaired, in society and their contribution to the lives of the disabled were explained. Then, the staff of the Engelsİzmir Branch Office, volunteers, members of the Guide Dog Association and their trainers traveled by ferry, tram and subway transportation vehicles, accompanied by guide dogs.

“Our search for an education center continues”

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Social Projects Department Head Mehmet Anıl Kaçar pointed out that İzmir Metropolitan Municipality works with the understanding of “Another Disability Policy is Possible” and said, “Our President Tunç SoyerIn line with the vision of , we produce projects to facilitate the lives of all our citizens on the basis of equal citizenship. We work with an equal, accessible and inclusive service model for public policies. We are here with the desire to announce this event to all our citizens and to raise awareness. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality started the guide dog application in public transportation in 2019-2021. At the moment, we have put higher targets in our vision. We continue our search for a center and protocol in İzmir where we can offer trainings together with the Guide Dogs Practice Association. Let's give the good news here. I hope we will continue this practice with a training center next year.”

Guide dogs are spreading fast

Nurdeniz Tuncer, the Founding President of the Guide Dogs Association, started her speech by thanking the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality teams for their work for the disabled and gave information about the establishment process of the association. Referring to the activities carried out for the training of guide dogs, awareness studies and ensuring sustainability, Tuncer said, “Guide dogs will spread rapidly in Turkey. We call it more independent movement and accessibility.”

Dear friends make life easier

Guide Dog Mobility Trainer Burcu Bora, who gave technical information about the training processes of guide dogs, stated that the friendly friends helped visually impaired citizens in situations such as standing on the sidewalk, crossing the street, finding elevators and stairs. Guide dog owner Kemal Görey Beydağı said that his match with Bulut was an important turning point in his life. Beydağı also stated that guide dogs will be seen everywhere in the coming years.

Metropolitan Municipality removes barriers

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which has signed another exemplary work that will facilitate the life of the disabled, has made a regulation to enable visually impaired citizens to benefit from public transportation with guide dogs that will facilitate their lives in daily life. Following the decision taken for buses for the first time in 2019 with the regulation of public transportation vehicles, guide dog practice was also included in metro, tram and sea transportation.

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