from minibuses Ekrem İmamoğluThanks to 'Taxi'

Taxi Thank You to Ekrem Imamoglu from Minibus Drivers
from minibuses Ekrem İmamoğluThanks to 'Taxi'

UKOME approved the conversion of 1 redundant minibuses and 2022 minibuses into taxis, with a majority decision taken on December 1803, 322. A group of minibus and minibus tradesmen, who welcomed the decision made at the end of a total of 14 sessions, came to Pendik to inspect the 'Kavakpınar Underpass', the Mayor of IMM. Ekrem İmamoğlumet with. Welcoming İmamoğlu with flowers, the shopkeepers expressed their satisfaction by saying, “We thank you very much for your work at UKOME for the minibus shopkeepers. You have a lot of enthusiasm. God bless you,” he said. Imamoglu's response to the shopkeepers was, "I see it as cheap politics for the mind that is blocking this business to try to own it after we have solved it, after we have had to."

The Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME), affiliated to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), approved the conversion of 1 minibuses and 2022 minibuses, which are surplus to need, into taxis, with the decision taken by a majority of votes on December 1803, 322. A group of members of minibus-dolmus tradesmen chambers and associations that have been waiting for this decision for years, IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu and met in Pendik. Gebze-Harem Minibusers Association President Ramis Yılmaz, from the group that welcomed İmamoğlu to Pendik, who came to Pendik to inspect the "Kavakpınar Underpass", which will ease the traffic in the region, said, “We thank you very much for your work at UKOME for the minibus shopkeepers. You have a lot of enthusiasm. God bless you. Good luck to all of us," he said.


İmamoğlu's response to Yılmaz and his friends was as follows:

“This is our job. After all, we are an institution of the country and the state. If, after us, they say, 'Let's go and thank the President,' that is different. Let them go. But this policy is a very bad policy. This is UKOME's job. Look, we've been preparing this for months, years. We have been working in this business for 3 years. We're talking to your rooms. We know the difficulty of minibus shopkeepers. We know they need to change. Was this today? How many years has it been talked about? 10 year thing. Why did we change? Why did we do this in the last 2-2,5 years? Sincerity, listening to you and the reality of this business. Do we have an expectation? No. The important thing is to solve the problem. I see it as cheap politics that the mind that is blocking this business tries to take care of it after we have resolved this issue, after we have had to, - there is a need for a taxi in this city, we all know that. Some politicians in Istanbul are trying to engage in cheap politics, even using the Presidency as a tool. I think Mr. President should brush all the AK Party members here in an ordinary way, saying, 'How can you make me a tool for this?'”


İmamoğlu, Yılmaz said, “As minibus shopkeepers, we have suffered for many years. We really had a hard time. We are unable to support our house and pay our bills. Many of our vehicles already have bills in the bank, they still cannot pay. Your work is great here. May Allah be pleased with whoever has a lot of effort, even if they have a point of effort, "Everyone will work hard. After all, UKOME is the institution of the Metropolitan Municipality. So it's not up to the Presidency. Nobody should be surprised. It is an institution of the Metropolitan Municipality. There are representatives there for this to turn into an inclusive mind. Look, you also have a representative. Although he does not represent you, but only the taxi license plate owners, the President of the Taxi Drivers' Chamber is your representative there. At the end of the day, there is a UKOME out there. UKOME, Metropolitan Municipality. Just, Ekrem İmamoğlu Because he won the election here, they added 3-5 seats there. They got the majority, so to speak. You know, those who voted in UKOME turned to the 'download-uninstall conversation'. But it will be resolved. He stayed for 5-6 months, by Allah's leave”.


Imamoglu, Yilmaz said, "Mayor, you had already brought the taxi issue to UKOME on the first day you came. I went through this issue myself. I said, 'By God, great courage.' Because taxi drivers are a larger community than us. We thank you for these contributions” and “Do you know who is the biggest? People. -God is separate. The Creator is the greatest.- There is no one above the nation; neither an authority, nor a person, nor a group of taxis. We have 16 million people. We will consider the needs of our 16 million people. We sorted there. First, our 16 million people. Next, the taxi driver, the shopkeeper. Tens of thousands of people are behind the wheel. Then the plate holder. He has invested capital, we do not ignore it. But his turn is third.”

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