When and what time will AÖL Exams be held online? How to make AÖL Online Exam Entry?

When and what time will AOL Exams be held online? How to login to AOL Online Exam?
When, What Time, Will AÖL Exams Be Held Online? How to Enter AÖL Online Exam?

AÖL 2022-2023 1st term exams started on 09 December at 09.30:2022. Students, who will participate in the online AÖL exams, started to search for the details of the exam. Details of the online exam were shared on the official website of the Ministry of National Education. Well, how to enter the AÖL online exam? When and how will the 1 XNUMXst semester Open Education High School Exams be held? When is the deadline for open high school exams? Here are the answers to the frequently asked questions.


2022-2023 academic year first term exams; It will be held online between 9 on December 2022, 09.30 and 20:2022 on December 23, 59.



Students will complete the tests consisting of the courses assigned to them by entering the online exam system between the dates specified in the exam calendar.

Students will be able to attend only one of the exam types to be held for the same academic year and term.

The online (online) exam application will start at the same day and time according to Turkey time, and will end on the same day and time, both in Turkey and abroad.

Students will participate in the online (online) exam application by logging into the AÖK Information Management System with their TR ID number and password.

Students who forget their password to enter the system will be able to learn their passwords from the 'forgotten password' option in the AÖK Information Management System or by contacting the (MEBİM) “444 0 632” hotline.

The confidentiality agreement prepared by ÖDSGM at the entrance to the exam system will be approved by the students.

Before the online (online) exam application starts, the exam rules will be notified to the student electronically. With this notification, the student will be deemed to have accepted the exam rules. Penal sanctions will be applied to students and examiners who violate the exam rules in accordance with the Law No. 02 dated 12/2016/6764.

The online (online) exam application will be carried out in the form of tests consisting of 4 (four) multiple choice and 20 questions separately for each course. 25 minutes for the test of each lesson in the exam. time will apply.

Students will be able to take the exam from the courses assigned to them during the exam period and will be able to start and finish the exam by choosing the course they want from the assigned courses.

The questions will be displayed along the question number and with a question and answer options on the screen.

After the exam of the selected course is started with the "Start Exam" button, there will be a "Save and Proceed" button on the question page and a counter showing the remaining time, and in the last question, there will be a "Finish Exam" button instead of the "Save and Proceed" button.

Students will not be able to respond to the question they have answered.

.Students, after starting the exam of the selected course, will not be able to start the exam of the other course until the active exam ends.

Students will be able to finish the exam at any time. 25 minutes for students who do not finish the exam in due time. At the end of the exam, the exam will be completed by the system and the evaluation will be made accordingly. Questions and answers of the completed course will not be shown to the students.

If the session ends for any reason (power outage, internet connection problem, etc.) before students can complete their exams, they will continue the exam "once only" until the specified deadline in an environment where this situation will not happen again.

The student who starts the exam by choosing a course and finishes the exam without answering any questions will be considered as "Taken the Exam" and the score for the course will be "Zero". In case the student does not attend the exam from the current courses within the defined dates and times, the course/courses that he/she has not attended will be treated as "Didn't Take the Exam".

Before the exam, all applications will be closed except the browser window used to access the exam system, and no transition will be made to any window other than the browser window where the exam system is accessed during the exam. In addition, if there are applications running in the background and using an internet connection, they will also be closed. If another program, browser or page is opened during the exam, a warning message will be given to the student. If the opened program, browser or page is not closed, the student's exam for that course will be cancelled.

Students will not use any printed or digital source of information during the exam.

Students will not take any screenshots, save images, transfer images, copy or print images of the exam system screen during the exam. If the student goes out of the screen during the exam, the exam will be terminated and deemed invalid.

Any sharing of exam questions and answers during or after the exam is prohibited. There will be a security code to identify the students on the exam screen, and in case of sharing violations, action will be taken against the students in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 6764.

If it is determined that the student could not complete the exam due to internet interruptions not connected to the student and technical reasons arising from the exam system, make-up exam can be held with the decision of the Central Exam Board.

In the event that the internet network is attacked in a way that affects the region/country in general, or it is determined that the repair and the effects cannot be eliminated in a short time, the make-up exam can be held with the decision of the Central Examining Board (for abroad, by the overseas education consultancy/attachment).

Students will be responsible for the battery, battery or charging status of the desktop/laptop, tablet or mobile phones they use, as well as their wired/wireless internet connections and their settings. Make-up exams will not be held for students who have problems at the time of the exam due to the stated situations, and these students will be deemed not to have taken the exam.

Students will be able to learn their exam results from the AÖK Information Management System.


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