The Fourth Application Period of the 'Women Entrepreneur Support Program' Has Started

The Fourth Application Period of the Women Entrepreneur Support Program Has Started
The Fourth Application Period of the 'Women Entrepreneur Support Program' Has Started

Applications were opened for the fourth term of the “iyzico Women Entrepreneur Support Program”, which was launched last year and has reached nearly 200 women entrepreneurs so far.

Women entrepreneurs who will be accepted in the fourth period will continue to be offered many advantages, from finance to education, from marketing and promotion to special discounts, as in the first three periods. iyzico will continue its comprehensive support to women entrepreneurs by including new women entrepreneurs twice a year, once every 6 months.

Women entrepreneurs who want to follow their dreams with the slogan of #WomenEntrepreneursSide will also have the chance to offer their customers different payment alternatives with iyzico's “Pay with iyzico” product, which creates opportunities in the e-commerce world. Starting the fourth application period within the scope of the Women Entrepreneur Support Program, iyzico supported women entrepreneurs' entry into the ecosystem by receiving zero commission from transactions over 10 million TL created by the women entrepreneurs included in the program.

Stating that they attach great importance to the entrepreneurship ecosystem, especially to women entrepreneurs, iyzico CEO Orkun Saitoğlu said, “Women have a 54 percent bank account ownership rate in Turkey. they are having difficulties. Despite all this, it is a fact that with the participation of women in the labor force, the welfare level of both social and economic life has increased. In this context, we implemented the “iyzico Women Entrepreneur Support Program” with our partners in order to provide new resources to women entrepreneurs and to support the growth of the benefits they create. After the positive feedback we received in the first three application periods, we are also very excited for the fourth semester. We will always continue to be there to support women who struggle to produce under any circumstances and to increase the power of women entrepreneurs.”

Within the framework of the program, women will receive 6 commission support for the first 0 months, while they will also be able to receive free training in the areas of promotional support, digital marketing and online sales. iyzico business partners Good4Trust, IdeaSoft, Paraşüt, Mükellef, Webtures and Magnetiq will offer special trainings and discounts to women entrepreneurs within the program.

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