Visit from President Soyer to Buca 6th Industrial Site

Visit from President Soyer to Buca Industrial Site
Visit from President Soyer to Buca 6th Industrial Site

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyermet with the tradesmen of the 6th Industrial Site in Buca. The President, who listened to the problems and demands of the auto industry tradesmen Tunç Soyer, said that they will work together to transform the site. President Soyer also touched upon the financial difficulties and said, “This story will not change as long as we are afraid. We will keep our conscience and courage alive.”

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç Soyer, visited the tradesmen of Buca 6th Industrial Site and Otokent Management. Minister Tunç SoyerCHP İzmir Provincial Chairman Deniz Yücel, Buca Mayor Erhan Kılıç, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Şükran Nurlu, 6th Industrial Site Cooperative President Sami Özdaş were also accompanied during the visit to Turkey.

President Soyer first met with the tradesmen of the industrial site in the administration building. Taking notes by listening to his problems, Mayor Soyer said that the necessary works will be carried out quickly by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department in order to respond quickly to the fires in the industrial site. Mayor Soyer also asked for work to be done in coordination with the district municipality on the problems of auto industrialists such as scrap vehicles and traffic.

“The solution to all problems will come like ripping a sock”

Approaching the tradesmen's request for a transformation on the site, President Soyer said, “We will work together to initiate the transformation in the industrial site. This place will also be a trigger for the transformation of İzmir. It becomes a pioneer for the transformation of more areas. Our first step is very valuable. If we can take this step successfully, other industrial sites will be able to embark on this journey as well. If we can do this, we can do it together. If we make the transformation here, the solution to all other problems will come like ripping socks.”

“Poverty and crisis are mortgaging the future of this country”

President Soyer, who also listened to the problems of the tradesmen related to the financial crisis and the economic crisis, said, “There is an increasing poverty and crisis. There is still a very high inflation rate. This means to mortgage the future of this country. This state of poverty and desolation disrupts the peace and tranquility in this country, and also destroys the stability. It's hard to get by. People go and collect the spills from the market. These realities are deepening day by day and it is a deplorable picture. We still have the inflation record. The wealth this country produces only goes into someone's pocket and enriches them. Prosperity in these lands is not distributed fairly. The fair spread of wealth means democracy. Democracy is not just about going to the polls every 5 years. Democracy means fair sharing of wealth, it means transparency, it means participation.

President Soyer continued his words as follows: “Despite so much effort and sweat, you still cannot get rich. The pot is boiling but does not saturate. This story is going bad. This story needs to be changed. We are capable of changing that. None of us deserve this poverty. We can live much more peacefully and with confidence. They are trying to separate us from each other, polarize us, steal our labor. We're going to change that story this time. Together we will build a better country. We will establish a country where we do not worry about the future of our children, where we take our bread to our home in peace, where we do not worry or worry.

“After the SPO was closed, I released it to the meadow, my Mevlana Kayıra”

Speaking about the apprentice and qualified personnel problem of the industrialists, President Soyer said, “Why doesn't a state make a legal regulation on apprenticeship? Because they closed the State Planning Organization. The agricultural producer knew what to produce and where to sell. Not now. He is planting wheat this year, planting something else next year. He doesn't know what to produce. This exists in all industries. Ever since the State Planning Organization was closed in this country, I have let go of the meadow, my Mevla's favor. It is the same in industry, it is the same in tourism, it is the same in agriculture. Doesn't the state regulate an apprenticeship, can something like this happen?" said.

After the meeting, Mayor Soyer visited the shops in the 6th Industrial Site and listened to the problems of the tradesmen.

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