Kabataş Sid Abdal Tomb Renovated

Kabatas Sid Abdal Tomb Renovated
Kabataş Sid Abdal Tomb Renovated

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. Under the leadership of Mehmet Hilmi Güler, the Metropolitan Municipality, which protects the spiritual architects of the city, Kabataş He completed the restoration work he started on the Şid Abdal Tomb (Şidlü Dede), located within the borders of the Kuzköy neighborhood of the district.

The tomb belonging to Şid Abdal, who pioneered the Islamization and settlement of the region he came to in the 14th century, was renovated by the Metropolitan Municipality Conservation, Implementation and Control Branch Directorate and opened to visitors.


Sid Abdal Tomb, which has been restored in a way that will not spoil its spiritual atmosphere, was renewed with begonite cube stone as part of the landscaping work. A path was created between the mosque and the tomb. The inside and outside of the tomb were painted. Lighting poles were placed on the road. The wall around the tomb was covered with granite material. The tomb and sarcophagus of Şid Abdal, located inside the Şid Abdal Tomb, were renovated and given a healthy appearance.

Kabatas Sid Abdal Tomb Renovated


President After Mehmet Hilmi Güler took office, Buharalı Şeyh Şakir Efendi Tomb located in Selimiye District of Altınordu district of Metropolitan Municipality, Yusuf Bahri Hz. While restoring his tomb, he renovated the tomb of Sheikh Tarakçı Hamid Hoca in Fatsa district and 6 tombs in the area, and carried out arrangement work around the tomb and around the Melik Mehemmed Gazi Tomb in Akkuş district.

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