How Can China's Pandemic Policy Be Protected From Western Criticism?

How the Jinn's Pandemic Policy Can Be Protected From Western Criticism
How China's Pandemic Policy Can Be Safe From Western Criticism

Media outlets in the West are of the opinion that everything China has done to combat the epidemic is wrong. Western media, which previously blamed China for drastic measures, are now broadcasting frightening news about the serious consequences of so-called China's loose epidemic policy. In recent days, “China's removal of the reset policy has had disastrous results.” News with headlines such as these are frequently seen in the trends of Western social media. For example, in a report by Bloomberg; "China's complete removal of epidemic measures may lead to 5 million 800 thousand people being hospitalized in the intensive care unit." it was written.

But conflicting news like this confuses people. How can China's anti-epidemic policy be protected from criticism from Western media outlets? Or will China always be the target of criticism no matter what it does?

In recent days, China has introduced new 20-item measures to further optimize its efforts to combat the epidemic. But these measures do not mean relaxing or even doing nothing about China's anti-epidemic policy. This adjustment aims to protect the safety and health of the people to the maximum extent and to reduce the effects of the epidemic on economic and social development by making the fight against the epidemic more accurate and scientific.

However, some Western media outlets are trying to not only erase China's efforts to fight the virus, but also to amplify China's lack in this regard, and even by creating disinformation to provoke grouping and confusion. It's probably something they want to see the most if China's pace of development slows down or stops.

China's policy to combat the Covid-19 epidemic is never fixed and is constantly renewed and corrected according to the latest situation. No matter what policy China implements in this regard, it does not change the three basic criteria that are important. These three criteria are; science is China's interest and the protection of the people.

Günceleme: 05/12/2022 16:32

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