The World's First Barrier-Free Waste Collection Center is in Üsküdar

The World's First Accessible Waste Collection Center is in Uskudar
The World's First Barrier-Free Waste Collection Center is in Üsküdar

Üsküdar Municipality put its mobile waste collection center for visually impaired citizens into service at Türkan Sabancı Visually Impaired Middle School. With this center, which was put into service for the first time in the world, visually impaired citizens will be able to distinguish and dispose of recycling waste. Visually impaired citizens will be able to learn about the waste sections with the Braille alphabet and the sensors that respond with sound in the waste sections in the waste recycling center. With the income obtained from the collected recyclable wastes, it will be ensured that the citizens in need will be provided with clothing, food and shelter, stationery, clothing and scholarship opportunities for the students, and the necessary equipment for the disabled citizens. With this project, it is aimed to include visually impaired individuals in the process of waste management from the very beginning.

Hilmi Turkmen: "We are developing very special projects for the disabled"

Üsküdar Mayor Hilmi Türkmen said, “We are at Türkan Sabancı School for the Visually Impaired in Üsküdar. Approximately 35 million visually impaired people live in the world, this is the average number in the world. Unfortunately, there are visually impaired citizens in Turkey as well. In fact, 10% of the citizens living in Turkey in the world have some kind of disability or visual impairment or another physical or mental disability, and of course, everyone has a team effort to ease the living conditions of these disabled citizens and to provide them with comfort and quality. . We, as Üsküdar Municipality, have a lot of work on the disabled, but this is one of the most special works.”

Hilmi Türkmen: "Thanks to the sensors, they will be able to separate and dispose of their wastes"

Üsküdar Mayor Hilmi Türkmen said, “This project is about our visually impaired citizens, not only in Turkey, but there is no such project in the world. As you can see, the waste sorting center is now a sorting container. When our visually impaired citizens come here, let's say there is a glass or a cardboard paper trash or a metal or wooden trash in this container. When he approaches the sensors, when he approaches with his hand, a sound will come from the glass side and he will throw the glass eye wherever it is. Our visually impaired citizen will throw the garbage in his hand into the relevant box according to the sound that will come thanks to these sensors," he said.

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