What is SMS Donation? How to Donate SMS? Can charity be given via SMS?

What is SMS Donation How to Donate SMS?
What is SMS Donation How to Donate SMS

SMS Donate; foundations, associations, non-governmental organizations etc. via short message. means making a donation for any work determined by SMS donations, which are usually sent to a 1-2 word and 4-5 digit number, are made by collecting the amount determined by the relevant institution from the line used by the person.

Institutions and organizations make requests from people to request support and contribution in their activities such as certain projects, studies, emergency aids. SMS donationis usually carried out in exchange for a small amount. These works, which can be evaluated with the logic of unity is stronger, also offer the citizens the opportunity to carry out many social responsibility projects and humanitarian aid activities together with the society.

How to Donate SMS?

SMS donation work, which is an application carried out by institutions and organizations that request assistance for support and contribution in many subjects such as natural disasters, wars, emergency humanitarian aid, and diseases, is carried out with the elements specified by the relevant institutions and organizations. These elements are the text of the donation SMS and the number to which the SMS will be sent. By writing the specified word or phrase on the specified number. orphan SMS donation is performed. After the donation, the amount of the donation is transferred by the relevant institution from the donor's line.

What is SMS Donation

What to Donate to via SMS?

Donation via SMS can be made in any designated area. In general, non-governmental organizations such as foundations, institutions/organizations and associations perform donations via SMS. For example, a foundation can collect donations by specifying the Palestinian donation SMS text it has prepared for the humanitarian aid work it has initiated against the persecution in Palestine and the number to which this text will be sent. As another example, he is known for his work on orphans. Vuslat AssociationDonations can be made to orphans by sending an SMS to the orphan SMS donation text and number determined by . Donations can be made via SMS in many different areas such as food donation, clothing donation, food donation.

Can charity be given via SMS?

Charity means doing good materially and spiritually for the sake of Allah. It is also sadaqah for a person to smile at a Muslim brother while helping him financially. In our religion, Islam, there are four different types of charity. The first of these is charity, that is, zakat, which is fard. Zakat can be given by SMS donation, but this donation must be delivered directly to a person in need. Institutions that accept zakat donations via SMS should pay attention to this sensitivity.

Another type of charity is the fitr sadaqah. Fitr charity is a charity that is obligatory for every Muslim and should be given in the month of Ramadan. Associations and foundations accept donations of fitr alms by SMS in the amount determined by the Diyanet during the month of Ramadan. Another type of charity is vain charity. Nafilah alms is charity given to earn Allah's approval. Every good deed done for the sake of Allah is considered voluntary charity. With this intention, the person gives charity by donating to any charity project via SMS.

Finally, sadaqah-i concubine is the sadaqah that enables the person to continue to be written in the book of deeds even after his death. Building mosques, fountains and roads is an example of charity. By donating SMS to these kinds of projects, a person can also make a charity.

In summary; The person who wants to give alms can make a donation by sending an SMS to the institutions and organizations that accept the alms or to the works that can be considered as alms.

What is SMS Donation

What Is Considered Charity?

Every action done to gain Allah's approval is considered charity. In this way, donations made with goods are accepted as charity, and it is also possible to give sadaqah spiritually. As a matter of fact, our Prophet (SAW) “Smiling at your believing brother is charity. It is charity to enjoin good and forbid evil. It is charity to guide someone who has lost his way. It is also charity for you to remove and throw away stones, thorns and bones from the road.”(Tirmidhi) has informed us that good and good deeds will also be charity. Helping the needy, sick, orphans; Donating to meet their shortcomings is charity. It is also charity to smile, to say nice words, to relieve people's problems and to lift a stone that disturbs people on the road.

How Much Can I Donate via SMS?

The person can donate as much as he/she wishes with SMS donation. After the sent SMS, the SMS donation amount is automatically withdrawn from the donor's operator and reflected on the invoice. In this way, the person can send as many SMS as he wants and thus he can donate as many SMS as he wishes.

To Whom Is Charity Given?

In our religion, Islam, types of charity are classified as zakat, fitr, nafilah and sadaqah-i concubine. These alms differ in terms of who they will be given and to whom they cannot be given. For example, zakat and fitr; It is not given to mothers, fathers, grandfathers, grandmothers, children and children born of children, non-Muslims and rich people. Husband and wife cannot give zakat or fitr to each other. Apart from these, vain alms can be given to anyone in need.


Charity means financial and moral aid and support given to those in need. It was recommended by the Prophet (PBUH) that Muslims give alms, and it was stated that troubles and calamities would be driven away with charity. One of the ways to give charity is to donate via SMS. Vuslat Association; It accepts SMS donations for the needy, orphans, hafizes and the homeless and uses these donations as charity. You can find out about SMS donations and general humanitarian aid activities by visiting the vuslat.org.tr website of the Vuslat Association, which also accepts zakat and fitre donations as SMS.

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