First Aid Training of the Ministry of National Education Saves Lives

First Aid Trainings of the Ministry of National Education Save Lives
First Aid Training of the Ministry of National Education Saves Lives

Based on the fact that timely and conscious first aid saves lives, the Ministry of National Education makes great efforts to provide first aid training to all teachers, administrators, parents and students in order to ensure that children receive education in healthy environments and to be prepared for emergencies that may occur in schools. Stating that 2022 thousand teachers, 185 thousand students and 210 thousand parents received first aid training since the beginning of 20, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer said that 500 thousand school administrators and teachers will receive first aid certificates by the end of the year, and that 500 thousand students and thousands of families will receive first aid training at the family school. He said he will receive aid awareness training.

First aid trainings are given by the Ministry in 81 centers with international competence in 83 provinces.

In the two-day applied first aid training, along with general first aid information, many topics such as respiratory tract obstruction, bleeding, shock, unconsciousness, injuries, burns, heat stroke, fracture, dislocation, sprain, frostbite, poisoning, insect bites, suffocation, etc. The title teaches life-saving interventions.

Between 2019-2020, 55 thousand 460 teachers, administrators and staff received authorized first aider certificates in case of emergency situations that may occur in schools, while the number of teachers and administrators who received first aid certificate in 2022 months from the beginning of 10 reached 185 thousand.

It is aimed to provide first aid training to all teachers and school administrators.

In his statement on the subject, Minister of National Education Mahmut Özer pointed out that students, teachers and school administrators spend most of the day in schools in a huge-scale education system with more than 19 million students and 1,2 million teachers, and said: Intervening quickly in unforeseen cases that are a part of daily life, such as the escape of foreign substances, injuries and poisoning, is of great importance in terms of making our schools much healthier and safer environments. Being aware of this importance, as the Ministry of National Education, we aimed to give all our teachers and school administrators first aid training.” he said.

Since the beginning of 2022, 185 thousand teachers received first aid certificates

In this context, Minister Özer stated that they have ensured that 185 thousand teachers receive first aid certificates so far, and said: "This has been such an important distance that it is so vital and how important it is to remove foreign substances that have escaped into the respiratory tract of our children, which has been reflected in the media in our schools recently. All our parents and teachers have seen how simple but vital measures are. Our goal is to ensure that at least five teachers and administrators in each school go through this training in all of our schools. Therefore, to ensure that approximately 2022 school administrators and teachers have first aid certificates by the end of 500.”

First aid training is not limited to only teachers and administrators, it is aimed to benefit as many people as possible. School nurses were also included in the trainings within this scope and received a first aid trainer authorization certificate. In addition, 20 thousand parents and 210 thousand students benefited from the trainings within the scope of the family school project. Minister Özer explained the goals in first aid training as follows: “So far, we have provided 210 thousand students with first aid training. Here, too, our goal is to reach 500 thousand students by the end of the year. To spread the first aid culture and knowledge in all our schools. As you know, we aim to reach 2022 million families by the end of 1 within the scope of the family school project under the auspices of Ms. Emine Erdogan. One of the most important training courses in this family school project is first aid training. Therefore, I hope that when this target is achieved, we will ensure that 2022 million of our families undergo first aid training by the end of 1. In this way, it is ensured that both our parents, teachers, school administrators and students can solve the problems that they may encounter in daily life and that they can easily solve with very small interventions, health-related problems, without paying large costs."

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