Beyoğlu Cultural Road Festival Photomarathon Event Started

Beyoğlu Cultural Road Festival Photomarathon Event Has Started
Beyoğlu Cultural Road Festival Photomarathon Event Started

Organized as part of the Turkish Cultural Road Festivals, which the Ministry of Culture and Tourism has expanded with much more inclusive activities in five cities, Beyoğlu Cultural Road Festival opened its doors for the third time with the photomarathon event attended by 2500 photographers.

Speaking at the opening of the event, which started at the Istanbul Atatürk Cultural Center (AKM) Türk Telekom Open Air Stage, Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy said, “We will rapidly expand our festivals in our country by adding five more cities every year.”

Beyoğlu Cultural Road Festival, the first route of the Turkish Cultural Road Festivals, held in five cities, Istanbul, Ankara, Çanakkale, Diyarbakir and Konya this year, started with great enthusiasm. From theater to cinema, from literature to dance, from music to digital arts, from exhibitions sohbetThe festival, which will be the scene of more than 1000 events from day to night, opened its doors with the excitement of a photomarathon with the participation of 2500 photographers at the Atatürk Cultural Center (AKM) Türk Telekom Open Air Stage.

Culture and art events reach the world with photographs

Speaking to the photographers attending the event, Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy stated that the art of photography is a very important tool in promoting cultural and artistic events and said:

“The photos you will take start with social media and spread all over Turkey, especially in Istanbul, and then to the world. Today, you will see the aspects that we cannot see in our events, and you will ensure that they reach everyone through your photos. Beyoğlu Culture Road Festival continues on its way in a much more festive and organized way this year. We are spreading our festivals, which we started with Beyoğlu Culture Road, all over Turkey. We started with Çanakkale and continued with Konya. Now we have started our Beyoğlu and Başkent Cultural Road Festivals. It will also start in Diyarbakir on 8 October. We will rapidly expand our festivals in our country by adding five more cities each year.”

Six hours of photo shoots on three different themes

After his short speech, Minister Ersoy started the photomarathon competition, the first big event of the festival, by taking pictures himself. 2500 people, consisting of amateur and professional photography lovers, attended the event organized by the Association of Photography Organizations (FOTON). Photography lovers entered a fun competition to capture the best frame for 3 hours within the scope of 6 different themes determined in AKM, Şişhane Square and Galataport. The winners of the photomarathon will receive their awards at a ceremony to be held at the Tarık Zafer Tunaya Cultural Center on October 23.

Great interest in all exhibitions from the first day

With the opening of the festival, which covers a route of 4,1 kilometers from AKM to Galataport Istanbul, cultural and artistic activities met with the community. The most comprehensive exhibition ever made about the director of cult films, Stanley Kubrick, was opened at the Istanbul Cinema Museum. Visitors lined up to explore the extraordinary world of the cinematic genius Kubrick, who revolutionized the history of cinema as the creator of masterpieces, with objects, cameras, lenses and original costumes alongside unpublished documents and screenplays. Selçuk Artut's digital exhibition “Geomart-UT17” at Istanbul AKM Multi-Purpose Hall and Devrim Erbil's “Colors and Techniques” exhibition at AKM Gallery were met with great interest from art lovers.

Sculpture festival in Galataport open area

“Beyoğlu Through the Eyes of Foreign Travelers” exhibition at Beyoğlu Municipality Istiklal Art Gallery, exhibiting the beauties of Beyoğlu from past to present, “The Room with Forty Doors: 40 Years of Contemporary Artists Exhibitions” exhibition at Akbank Sanat, and the Art of Weights and Measures at Pera Museum. , Osman Hamdi Bey and Intersecting World exhibitions met with art lovers. Salt Galata and Salt Beyoğlu exhibit '90s on Stage', which brings the 90's culture alive again, Meşher, "I am Nobody," in which the themes of reflection, resonance and metamorphosis are based on the myth of love. Are you Nobody too?" presented the exhibition to the taste of the participants. Overcoming the Walls: Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition consisting of 10 sculptures and installations at Galataport Istanbul Clock Tower Square became the focus of attention of the visitors. Art lovers viewed with interest the installation “Tulle”, which exhibits a choreographic performance with smart fans at the AKM Theater Foyer, and the exhibition “On the Road” curated by Gülveli Kaya, Devabil Kara and Mehmet Kavukçu at AKM Culture Street.

Weaving art and artificial intelligence exhibition welcome their visitors in the same venue.

The exhibition of artist Fırat Neziroğlu, who brings a new generation interpretation to the art of weaving with his unique technique bearing his name in the historical texture of Cercle d'Orient, the "Escape Story" NFT collection, in which the digital art community Mösyö d'Art Community draws attention to the smuggling of historical artifacts, Discovery Karabakh, the exhibition of Shusha, the first artificial intelligence artist of Azerbaijan, opened its doors with the support of KADEM, and a video photography exhibition by Hilal Büşra Cebeci, in which she presented a metaphorical reading proposal that questions the equality of men and women through facial representations.

Distinguished opera and ballet performances at AKM

AKM Türk Telekom Opera Hall will host both the most popular opera and ballet performances and world stars throughout the festival. On October 3, G.Bizet's iconic work Carmen will take place in the program with the ballet interpretation of İzmir State Opera and Ballet. The opera Abduction from the Palace will meet with art lovers on October 12 and the ballet of Don Quixote on October 13. On October 15, the ballet “Picasso Eterno”, signed by Spanish artist Carlos Rodrigez, will blow the flamenco wind. Ankara State Opera and Ballet will stage the ballet Swan Lake on October 17, and Izmir Opera and Ballet La Traviata on October 22 and 23. Fire of Anatolia on October 20, and Troy on October 21, will bring together the fire of thousands of years of culture and history mosaic of Anatolia, blended with peace, with dance.

Star parade at the festival

As part of the festival, guests of the 4th International Folk Music Festival of Istanbul, Spanish musician Buika, will meet with art lovers on October 5, and İrfani Türçiler will meet with art lovers on October 6 at AKM Türk Telekom Opera Hall.

Portugal's Grammy Award-winning emotional voice Mariza, on October 2nd, the famous Latvian opera singer Kristine Opolais, who took the stage in the world's famous opera houses, and tenor Murat Karahan, who also played leading roles in many important opera houses of the world, on 8 October, flamenco genius Paco Pena. & Friends on October 9, famous American jazz artist Stacey Kent on October 10, Havasi, one of the most important composers and pianists of the world, on October 11, world-famous musician Fahir Atakoğlu, who continues his works in the USA, on October 14, Spanish singer Monica Molina on 16 October. In October, kamancha artist Mark Eliyahu, who synthesized Eastern and Western music with modern instruments, will give an unforgettable night to music lovers on October 18, and British artist Yusuf Islam on October 19 at AKM Türk Telekom Opera Hall.

All outdoor concerts are free

During the festival, AKM Türk Telekom Open-Air Stage, Galataport Meydan Stage and Şişhane Meydan Open-Air Stage will be the address of free concerts. Many artists, including Goran Bregovic, Fatih Erkoç, Mazhar Alanson, Sertab Erener, Ceza, Levent Yüksel, Murat Dalkılıç, Ümit Besen & Pamela, Kubat, Erol Evgin and Murat Boz, will have a musical feast in the open air. In addition to the concerts at the AKM Türk Telekom Open Air Stage, different genres of films from Happy Days to Bergen, from Batman to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker will also meet with art lovers.

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