Establishment of Specialized Agricultural OIZs Made Easy

Establishment of Specialized Agricultural OIZs Made Easy
Establishment of Specialized Agricultural OIZs Made Easy

Facilitation for the establishment of Agricultural Specialized Organized Industrial Zone (TDIOSB) was introduced.

The Regulation of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry on Amending the Regulation on Specialized Organized Industrial Zones Based on Agriculture, was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force.

Accordingly, the amount required to be deposited by the founding institutions and organizations for each representative to be represented in the enterprising committee according to their participation rate will be given at the approval stage of the establishment protocol, not at the application stage.

Fattening and dairy cattle activities can be carried out in the same TDIOSB by clustering in separate sections.

In addition, the size of the parcel to be allocated for each greenhouse operation in plant production was reduced from 25 decares to 10 decares.

A provision was added to the regulation that the production subject determined during the establishment phase can be changed, if needed, with the approval of the Ministry in order to ensure the continuity of the project.

In the restrictive provision of the TDIOSB general settlement plan "to be prepared after the registration of the entire TDIOSB area in the name of a legal entity", an arrangement was made so that the process would not be prolonged. The provision has been changed to "in the TDIOSB area whose location has been finalized" in order to start the proceedings after the acquisition of a legal entity.

Issues related to small cattle shelters were included in the measurement criteria to be taken into account in the preparation of superstructure projects aimed at ensuring animal welfare. Regulations were made in the criteria related to dairy cattle and beef cattle shelters.

The provision of "at least 50 meters distance between shelters" was reduced to 25 meters as it caused problems in practice.

On the other hand, in order not to interrupt the projects, the zoning application can be done in stages if needed.

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