Automonil Giant Volkswagen's 4 Factories Will Be Powered by 1300 FANUC Robots

Automonil Giant Volkswagen's Factory Will Be Powered by FANUC Robot
Automonil Giant Volkswagen's 4 Factories Will Be Powered by 1300 FANUC Robots

While pioneering the development of CNC controllers, robots and machines in the automation industry, FANUC added value to production with the large orders it received, and will supply 1300 robots for the four factories of the German automobile giant Volkswagen. 10 robots ordered to FANUC, which has a monthly production capacity of 1300 thousand robots, will be used in Volkswagen's production facilities in Germany and Slovakia, as well as in the factory of the group company Audi.

FANUC, which produces high speed and precision technology for the production operations of many sectors with the robot models it has developed, received a huge order in the automotive field. FANUC, which will produce 1300 robots for Germany's long-established automobile brand Volkswagen's main factory in Wolfsburg, its production facility in Slovakia, and its group company Audi's factory in Hungary, will be delivered in the last quarter of 2022 and in 2023.

FANUC's long-standing cooperation with Volkswagen is reinforced with 1300 robots

Noting that robots are always among the priorities of the automotive industry, FANUC Turkey General Manager Teoman Alper Yiğit said, “As in many locomotive sectors, we play an active role in the production facilities of leading automotive brands. We support the journey of automobiles in the production process by offering ideal solutions for the special needs of giant manufacturers with both a wide product range and user-oriented software. In this direction, 1300 robots requested by the automotive giant Volkswagen became one of the largest orders we received in one go. We already have a long-standing and trust-based cooperation with Volkswagen. We are delighted to be able to expand this to include the Bratislava facility. The main Volkswagen plant in Wolfsburg will also receive a large amount of the robots we will manufacture. The all-electric ID.3 will roll off the production line here from 2023, and our robots will assist in the body construction. FANUC robots will also contribute to the expansion of e-mobility at Audi's new battery assembly plant in Ingolstadt, the brand's group company. The fourth factory where we will supply robots within the scope of the order will be the Audi factory in Győr, Hungary.”

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