Uninterrupted Journey Started on Ankara Metro Batıkent Sincan Line

Uninterrupted Journey Started on Ankara Metro Batikent Sincan Line
Uninterrupted Journey Started on Ankara Metro Batıkent Sincan Line

EGO General Directorate has completed the ground leveling works that it started on 3 August 10 on the section of Ankara Metro Batıkent-Sincan Line (M2022) located between Istanbul Road and Botanic Stations. After the work was completed before the planned date, the uninterrupted and non-stop journey on the said line started as of today.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its efforts to provide a safer and more comfortable transportation to the citizens of the Capital.

The ground leveling works initiated by the EGO General Directorate on August 3, 10 due to the deterioration in the rail infrastructure as a result of the use of inappropriate materials during the construction of the line, in two separate areas of the section between the Ankara Metro Batıkent-Sincan Line (M2022) Istanbul Road and Botanic Stations were completed.


The work was completed on a 7/24 basis, before the schools opened and before the planned date, with the administrative and technical personnel constantly and meticulously monitoring the work in the field. On the Batıkent-Sincan Line (M3), metro services have started to be carried out without interruption and nonstop.


Infrastructure works; 27 trucks, 5 excavators, 1 bucket, 1 soil roller, 1 concrete pump, 1 loader, a 300 ton crane, 6 mixers and 104 personnel.

In the working process; By removing 80 thousand meters of electricity, signal, camera, communication and MV cables, a total of 60 meters of line was dismantled in two separate areas of 69 and 4 meters and in 354 lines, the line was re-installed, welding, tamping and tension operations and 368 square meters of ferrous concrete was laid on the filling. Waterproofing was also done on an area of ​​1250 square meters.

As a result of the work carried out to ensure safe and comfortable transportation and the examination made with academicians, the infrastructure was changed in the 129-meter section of the line.


Thanks to the work, which was completed five days before the planned time and eliminated the risk of possible accidents, line safety was ensured in the region, while the metro speed, which caused complaints, reached the project speed of 40 km/h for the first time since the year it was opened, providing an uninterrupted and comfortable travel opportunity for the residents of the Capital.

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