'Teacher Academy' Held at Kayseri Science Center

Teacher Academy Organized in Kayseri Science Center
'Teacher Academy' Held at Kayseri Science Center

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality organized the "Teacher Academy" program with the participation of 9 classroom teachers from 53 different districts in cooperation with the Kayseri Science Center operating under its body and the Kayseri Provincial Directorate of National Education. Teachers, Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. They thanked Memduh Büyükkılıç for providing such an opportunity to educators.

Kayseri Science Center, which is one of the 6 TÜBİTAK-supported science centers in Turkey under the Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality, hosts important programs.

“Teacher Academy” program, which includes training and sample practices related to the more effective and efficient use of Kayseri Science Center, which is one of the out-of-school learning environments, within the scope of in-service training of teachers by the R&D unit of Kayseri Science Center and Kayseri Provincial Directorate of National Education. started to be implemented.


The first step of the trainings within the scope of the program was carried out by Kayseri Science Center trainers in 5 different workshops with the participation of 9 preschool teachers from 2022 kindergartens on September 39-76, 20. Kayseri Provincial Director of National Education Ayhan Teltik had also visited Kayseri Science Center during the first training.


The second step of the trainings started on September 9 with the participation of 53 classroom teachers from 27 different districts. In this training, which is planned between 27-29 September 2022, practical workshops will be held in the areas within the Kayseri Science Center, and basic archery training will be given at the Traditional Sports Equestrian and Archery Facility.

With the implemented program, it is aimed for teachers to use the Robotics Workshop, Science Workshop, Art Workshop, Wood Workshop, Science Academy, Planetarium and the exhibition area in Kayseri Science Center, where nearly 100 experimental setups are located, more effectively and efficiently during the academic year.

Kayseri Science Center trainer Lütfiye Aydın said in a statement about the program, “This is an event for the purpose of promoting the use of Kayseri Science Center and the studies done here. Both we and our teachers enjoy it. In this way, we exchange ideas and discuss what can be done for this place in the future.”

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Science Center Robotics Workshop Supervisor Alparslan Seyhan stated that there are different types of pre-school education for teachers in the Teachers Academy and wished the education to be beneficial.


Zafer Kırgil, a classroom teacher at Mehmet Tarman Primary School, who participated in the program, stated that they will try to make the students experience the spirit of discovery of scientists at the Science Center Teachers Academy and said, “We continue teacher training. We are here today too. We will be training here for 3 days. It will be a source of great pride for us to have all the students here. Because it is very valuable for us to maintain the student's sense of curiosity. Here we will try to keep the spirit of discovery of scientists alive. All schools will come within the program and participate in content and workshops throughout the day. We will continue to work in the workshops on the weekends," he said.


Stressing that the existence of such a facility is very important to shed light on scientific studies, Kırgil said, “The metropolitan municipality has always pioneered and led in the understanding of municipality. The presence of such a facility here is very important to shed light on scientific studies. We have very smart children in Kayseri, and we need such a facility in order to be able to handle them. Unfortunately, there is no such opportunity in many cities.

Bilgen Tamer, the teacher of Beyazşehir Borsa Primary School who participated in the program, said, “I am participating in this training voluntarily. As I expect from this training, it would be beneficial for skill-based workshops to become more widespread in our country. In this context, besides cognitive learning, contributing to the development of children with skill-based learning.”

Underlining that Teacher Academies are the most beneficial of the studies so far, Tamer said, “There is learning by doing and experiencing in the workshops. Out of theory. Because, as primary school teachers, we provide education in a period when children are in a concrete period. In this way, we see that the level of learning in children is higher because the workshops are carried out by doing and experiencing.


Explaining that he joined the academy because he thought it would be beneficial to the students, Classroom Teacher Kevser Karagöz stated that he did not want the students to stay away from the age of technology, and Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Dr. He thanked Memduh Büyükkılıç for providing such an opportunity to teachers.

Feridun Cıngıllı Primary School Class Teacher Nazmi Almalı said, “We were wondering about the Science Center, of course, there were workshops. We participated in this course so that we could learn first, what is in these workshops prepared by the municipality, and then let our children benefit better. Hopefully, it will be productive, we will be satisfied, and we will explain it better to our students. Children are also very enthusiastic, that's why we signed up when we saw it. I expect all students to benefit from such a place if possible” and conveyed his thanks to the Metropolitan Municipality.

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