Mut Fatma Türkon Bridge to be Completed in 2 Months

Mut Fatma Turkon Bridge to be Completed in a Month
Mut Fatma Türkon Bridge to be Completed in 2 Months

Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Road Construction, Maintenance and Repair Department teams started the construction work of Fatma Türkon Bridge, which will provide an alternative way for the producers to reach the State of Mut and will give a breath of fresh air to the city traffic. The bridge is expected to be completed within 2 months as a result of the continuous work.

With the bridge work, which will be completed in a short time and will be put into the service of happy citizens, Güllük and Yazalanı Neighborhoods will be connected to Cumhuriyet Mahallesi and an alternative road will be opened that will be actively used by school buses. Fatma Türkon Bridge, which will be an alternative road to many neighborhoods, was designed with a length of 28 meters and a width of 15 meters. As a result of the works, it is aimed to provide convenient and comfortable transportation for the citizens. In addition, with the completion of the bridge, connection to Kırobası road will be provided, and transportation will be provided to the villages of Keleceköy, Çaltı, Bağcağız, Hacıahmetli, Dereköy, Narlı, Pamuklu, Çukurbağ, Çömelek and İbrahimli in that region.

Baş: “This will be the main connection point of many of our neighborhoods”

Ferruh Baş, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mut Coordination Branch Manager, who said that they continue their work 7/24 in order to meet the demands of the citizens in Mut, said, “The Fatma Türkon Bridge is of great importance for our district. This will be the main connection point of many of our neighborhoods. It will also ease the traffic in the district. In 2021, a superficial road was built by the Metropolitan Municipality from the new hospital road to our manufacturers. There, our producers relaxed a little. Now, taking it even further, in the direction of Silifke Mut, Hocalı, Haydar, Çortak, Çağlayangedik, Kışlaköy, Kurtsuyu, Hisarköy, Göcekler, Tuğrul, Kemenli, Karadiken, Köselerli, Özköy, Aşağıköselerli, Hacısait, Güzelköy, Yeşilköy, Sarıveliler, Ceritler, Mucuk. Thanks to this bridge, we will carry the products produced by the neighborhoods of Yukarıköselerli, Irmaklı, Palantepe and Elbeyli as an alternative route.”

Duman: “We aim to finish our work in 2 months”

Büşra Duman, who works as a Civil Engineer at the Metropolitan Municipality Mut Branch Directorate, said, “We are in the second phase of the Fatma Türkon Bridge construction work. Our retaining wall work continues. Our bridge will be 28 meters wide and 15 meters wide. With this bridge, Güllük and Yazalanı Districts will be connected to Cumhuriyet District. We aim to complete our work within 2 months and put it at the service of our citizens.”

Kestel: “It will be a good service to our producers”

Mut district Cumhuriyet Neighborhood Headman Ali Kestel said, “We had asked Vahap President for the ring road and hospital road for this place before. Thankfully, they did not offend us, they made our wish come true. It gave a very good response to Mut traffic and relieved it. We also asked our President for the Fatma Türkon Bridge and he said, 'I am a follower of that place, mukhtar, we will definitely do it'. I think this bridge will be a good service to the Mut traffic and our producers," he said.

Yaman: “We have been waiting for this bridge for years”

Yazalanı Neighborhood Headman Ali Yaman said, “Fatma Türkon Bridge is very valuable for us. It will ease the traffic for us to take our apricots and olives to wholesalers. Previously, we were entering the bazaar, we were waiting for the lights, we were going from the lights to our wholesale market. But if this bridge becomes operational; we will go to our wholesaler state without any difficulty. Our producers will be able to use this way easily. We have waited for this bridge for years. Thank you, we told our Vahap President as headmen. He was also interested, thank you very much. ”

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