Istanbul Meets With Its Historical Walls

Istanbul Meets With Its Historical Walls
Istanbul Meets With Its Historical Walls

IMM Heritage teams affiliated to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Cultural Heritage Department completed the first part of the "Istanbul Land Walls Open Air Museum" study. Opening of Mevlanakapı and Silivrikapı Land Walls Visitor Centers, Parliamentary CHP Group Deputy Chairman Engin Altay and İBB President Ekrem İmamoğluIt was held with the participation of Before the Contro and Şehinşah concerts to be held in the area created within the Mevlanakapı Walls, İmamoğlu gave a speech to the participants, mostly young people.


Stating that they manage the process of “150 Projects in 150 Days”, İmamoğlu said, “We are making great efforts to make this city livable. We especially care about the realization of historical and cultural assets, bringing them into the future of our city and our living people, and serving them to the world.” Reminding that Istanbul has been one of the most important metropolises of the world since ancient times, İmamoğlu said, “Different civilizations have lived side by side in harmony for years. In this respect, we are in a unique city. In this sense, we should feel responsible for our ancestors and the civilizations that lived in this city in the past, and we should not harm our city. In this sense, especially during the '150 Projects in 150 Days' process, we protect the historical artifacts and all the historical processes that have been entrusted to us, from civilizations, to many concepts from mosques to the city walls, and we do what is necessary.”


Citing the Basilica Cistern, which they recently restored and reopened, as an example, İmamoğlu noted that they are engaged in similar works in dozens of parts of the city. Saying, “We will transform this 12-kilometer-long uninterrupted area, together with the Golden Horn walls, into this enormous area, and you will see, we will implement a lane where tens of thousands of tourists visit at the same time,” said İmamoğlu. ) my friend, the workers and contractors who have worked since the establishment of IMM Heritage, for making these beautiful works ready for us with this beautiful image. Especially in archaeological areas, my friends are properly mobilized with the most universal order of the world, the most accurate rules of archeology, and restoration principles. Frankly, I listen to them like a strict student at every construction site I visit. I'm trying to learn. Because no one who is unaware of the area, history and civilizations he really lives in cannot look to the future with confidence. The nobility of this nation rises with the emotions it has lived and accumulated in this land where thousands of years of history exist.”


Pointing out that the old state of the Mevlanakapı Police Station, which they restored and turned into a "Visitor Centre", was deplorable, İmamoğlu shared information about the next restoration process of the land walls. Emphasizing that the citizens living in the city walls did not feel safe due to the neglected state in the past, İmamoğlu said, “When I wandered around this neighborhood, unfortunately, these areas have turned into nests that disturb people, create security problems, and have been the center of some illegal and illegal formations. Here we will all be cautious. We will protect them. In this regard, be it security, our police, with our necessary duties, but you, who are the owners of these places, will contribute to the cleanliness, meticulousness and reliability of this place.”


“Such areas are places that enrich our lives at the same time,” said İmamoğlu, adding:

“You will see the number of tourists going towards 17 million, our view of life, in an Istanbul where people continue their existence in city life in a democratic environment and our bright understanding is reflected, we will see and live with 30 million tourists together. Do you know what 30 million tourists mean? It means that it brings at least 30-35 percent more income per capita to the gross national product of everyone living in Istanbul. In that respect, dear young people, you will be a business person, a manager, and you will earn money by gaining professions, especially in the environments created by the tourism sector and the service sector in your life. These are the things that the improvement of these derelict, neglected areas contributes to us.”


Stating that the land walls will be transformed into cultural and artistic areas, İmamoğlu addressed the youth in the event area with the following words:

“Today's done and not done; manifested or not revealed today; thinking of you or not; prioritizing or not prioritizing its citizens; You have to understand and question the existing period through concepts that make your life beautiful or only think about your own life, and if you do not have the right to vote, you have to discuss this issue with your parents who will decide. Because all the decisions to be made in the upcoming elections will affect your life. God bless you all. I see that there are young people between the ages of 15-20 here. In the next period, our people will decide what kind of life you will live for the next 60 years, 70 years, may God grant you 80 years of life. Therefore, you young people; You are in a position to understand very well the right, the wrong, the moral or the lack, the excess. I trust and value your intelligence, knowledge, justice and character incredibly. Please pay attention to these concepts. And sign under the right decision to be made. These beautiful areas, environments, all of them are worthy of you, you are worthy of it. Good luck.”


After İmamoğlu's speech, the delegation, including Parliamentary CHP Group Deputy Chairman Altay and CHP deputy Sezgin Tanrıkulu, posed for a photo on the platform set up for the concert. Speaking before the photo shoot, Altay expressed his feelings, “I would like to give a big round of applause and thank you to Ekrem President for bringing together the people of Istanbul with the history of Istanbul, and for bringing you together with Şehinşah and Contro, who you love so much. In these places that were untouched for 30 years, someone wanted; Let's demolish these stones and walls, so let's plant concrete blocks here too. Ekrem Abiniz said, “It is my duty, my duty to the young people of Istanbul, to preserve the history of Istanbul, to preserve the culture of Istanbul, to make the nature of Istanbul more livable and more beautiful.” Don't miss out. We thank him very much. They follow where this Ekrem Brother is eating, they follow where he listens to music. I have a piece of advice for them: If they follow their work a little bit, and if they take an example from it, everything will be better. Good luck,” he said.

Altay, İmamoğlu and their delegation visited the historical city walls and the Mevlanakapı Police Station, which was restored and turned into a "Visitor Centre". The delegation was informed about the restoration works by Mahir Polat, Deputy Secretary General of IMM.

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