How to Choose the Right Packaging and Bags?

How to Choose the Right Packaging and Bags
How to Choose the Right Packaging and Bags

There are several important reasons and motivations that determine what packaging material and shopping bags will look like. One of these motivations is the protection of products that provide safe delivery to the consumer, and the other reason is mainly for advertising purposes. Well-designed packaging and bags speak for you and help raise awareness of your business. That's why you should give a good idea of ​​buying wholesale plastic shopping bags that can save you a lot of money, and you can continue to focus on both building the brand image and ensuring that the packaging material is as safe as possible. How to Choose the Right Packaging and Bags? Read more below to learn some tips that can help you design and select packaging and shopping bag materials.

Build and Enhance Your Brand Identity

It is clear that the first point of contact between a consumer and a business is through their packaged products. So the packaging should sell your idea as a business and what you are about. It can be exciting to get these details right on the first try, to meet all your packaging needs at retail today. packaging suppliers you can hire and just leave you to run the business. By getting to know your customers better, you determine the best shape, materials and colors, among other factors. Find someone who can give your brand a good image that your consumers are willing to accept. If you are a new venture and want to save money, you can consider wholesale plastic shopping bags as they are simple and affordable.

Always Consider Budgeting

The cost is simply calculated from aspects that include the materials and designs used. However, recent developments in eco-friendly campaigns have forced manufacturers to prefer eco-friendly materials over regular plastic materials. The cost of a material varies from one store to another, so you may need to choose wisely. Ultimately, your design should also have a say in the overall cost of all packaging containers. Sophisticated designs can be very expensive, but can sell more to the public compared to simple designs. However, as mentioned above, if your budget is low and you're just getting started, you might want to consider regular plastic bags.


When focused, they can surpass the oldest in the game where young vibrant businesses can outpace existing brands in the market. Find out what your competitors are doing and examine how they pack their products and shopping bags. By examining competitors, you can find the perfect design and material to use for your brand.

Making decisions about these processes requires careful thought so that you don't waste both your time and money. Counseling is always important, especially for those who have done it before you. This gives you a list of references that not only saves your time but also your energy.

Working with references gives you a short list of qualified professionals you can work with to produce your packaging materials. You also approach the subject with more knowledge, you know what to expect and this is very important because the manufacturer or supplier only delivers according to your instructions.

As eposet, we can provide you with the right product at the right cost, using our long years of experience and production knowledge. Moreover from our online store You can order in small quantities or wholesale packaging and bags. Whatever your product is, you can find a suitable packaging and bag in our store.

How to Choose the Right Packaging for Your Products

First impressions matter, especially when it comes to product packaging. According to Nielsen's market research, the average consumer is willing to devote only 13 seconds to brands before making a purchase decision in-store and only 19 seconds before making an online purchase.

The right custom product packaging can help trigger a buying decision through a series of visual cues that make a product look more appealing than its competitors. This post covers the custom product packaging basics you need to know to make your products more attractive to consumers and provide a great customer experience. It includes how to choose the right materials for your packaging, the different options for product packaging and how they are used, as well as what to consider when designing your own custom product packaging.

What is Custom Product Packaging?

Custom product packagingare packages specifically designed for your product, rather than mass-produced packages to be used as is. The materials used, text, artwork and colors all depend on your design preferences. You will base your choice of product packaging on a variety of factors, including whom the product is intended for, how it will be used by the customer, how it will be transported, and how it will be displayed before sale.

Importance of Product Packaging

Custom product packaging has a lot of work to do. Packaging should be sufficiently protective so that the contents are not damaged in transit or in transit. Packaging is also the primary way of communicating product information, such as government-regulated consumer data and instructional information on how to use the product. Packaging is also one of your most important marketing tools. Well-designed product packaging acts as an eye-catching billboard that grabs the attention of shoppers as they navigate the digital or physical shelves.

Considerations for Choosing the Best Packaging

There are a few key points to keep in mind when considering how to pack your product and what materials to use. Here are the top three.


The path of the products from the production facility to the consumer differs. You may be shipping directly to consumers, or you may be shipping your products to retail outlets. Your packaging selection should ensure that your product reaches your customer's hands undamaged. If you're shipping directly to consumers or selling items that can break easily, you might want to consider using sturdy corrugated material in the packaging. This type of packaging is more expensive, but over time you will recoup the expense by avoiding the costs of replacing damaged products. If you are selling smaller items that ship directly to stores in multi-unit corrugated boxes, a cheaper cardboard box may suffice.

Ease of Opening

The product packaging should be easy to open. There is nothing more frustrating for a customer than trying to open a box or recover a product from its box with no results. Test your product packaging by having people open the packaged products. Was the process seamless? Are there any parts of the unboxing experience that could be improved? Beyond reducing friction in the opening process, consider ways to delight the customer. Including fun brand messages or promotional items like stickers can build brand loyalty and word of mouth.

Marketing Message

The packaging of your product is one of your best opportunities to connect with new customers and delight existing ones. Designing with your audience in mind ensures that your packaging and design choices will encourage your current customers to stick with it for the long term.

There are unique branding opportunities in each packaging layer, starting with the product box. Do not stop using this valuable real estate to its highest potential. The product box is a canvas to use for custom graphics and messages that support the culture you create with your brand. Don't overlook other opportunities to connect, such as adding an invitation to connect on social media, sharing stories about customer experiences using your product, or adding a small piece of swag or a free product sample.

Product Packaging Types

Packaging for products can be created using a variety of materials. Finding the right one for your product box or packaging depends on what you're selling and how you plan to use your packaging in your marketing efforts. Here are some of the most popular types of product packaging and popular applications for each.

Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are made using coated chipboard. They're incredibly versatile, and it's easy to print high-quality graphics and text on them. These product boxes are mostly seen in cosmetics, food, dietary supplements, and a number of other retail products.

Corrugated Cardboard Boxes

If your products are bulky, fragile, or need to withstand the rigors of direct-to-consumer shipping, corrugated cardboard is an excellent choice. The corrugated paper ridges of the corrugated board are laminated onto a flat cardboard surface to provide additional shock absorption and durability. Small appliances, glass containers, and electronic devices are often found packaged in corrugated material.

Custom Folding Cartons

A special folding carton is a box with folded wings at the top and bottom. Custom folding cartons, often made from cardboard, make an ideal canvas for bespoke color printing of logos, brand messages and more.

Rigid Boxes

Rigid boxes are cardboard boxes on steroids. Such packaging for products is made from highly compressed cardboard, which is four times thicker than its plain cardboard cousin. With a price point to match its solid quality, rigid boxes are often used to package smartphones, specialty jewelry, or more expensive items like luxury cosmetics or perfumes.

Leverage the Power of Custom Product Packaging

The way a product is packaged can make or break your customer experience. Special product packagingprotects a product from damage during shipping and also helps your product stand out when racing for attention in a sea of ​​competition. Product packaging has the power to engage consumers, earn your product a place in their shopping cart, and build brand loyalty over time.

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