The Pulse of World Gastronomy Will Beat at 'Food Fest Antalya'

The Pulse of World Gastronomy 'Food Fest Will Beat in Antalya'
The Pulse of World Gastronomy Will Beat at 'Food Fest Antalya'

In order to emphasize the importance of protecting local food and sustainable agriculture, I. International Food Fest Antalya, which will be held on September 23-25 ​​with the motto "From Antalya to the World", was introduced with a press conference hosted by Antalya Mayor Muhittin Insect. President Muhittin Insect said that they want to introduce the hidden flavors and local products of Antalya with geographical indications to the world.

With its history, unique location, biodiversity, unique coasts, natural beauties and food culture, Antalya, the favorite of world tourism, will host the 23st International Food Fest gastronomy festival. In order to protect local food, I. International Food Fest Antalya, which will be held between 25-XNUMX ​​September with the theme of "Supporting Sustainability, Biodiversity and Local Products", will bring together the doyens of the gastronomy world. The international festival, which will take place with the motto "From Antalya to the World", will host guests from all over the world in Antalya Karaalioğlu Park. A press conference was held in Antalya, hosted by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Muhittin Insect, for the promotion of Food Fest Antalya, which will bring the hidden flavors of the city to the world arena, with the participation of world-famous Michelin-starred chefs.

Intensive Engagement

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Muhittin Insect, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Cansel Tuncer, Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ATSO) President Davut Çetin, Antalya Chamber of Craftsmen and Craftsmen Union President Adlıhan Dere, Antalya Organized Industrial Zone President Ali Bahar, Turkish Hoteliers Federation ( TÜROFED) President Sururi Çorabatır, Mediterranean Touristic Hoteliers Association (AKTOB) President Erkan Yağcı, Food Fest Antalya Content Director Gökmen Sözen, Antalya Commodity Exchange Deputy Chairman Halil Bülbül, Antalya Gastronomy Investors and Operators Association (AGYID) President Zeki Özen, TÜRSAB Mediterranean Region Representative Chairman of the Board Ferit Turgut and chief Uğur Volkan Uysal attended. President Muhittin Insect visited the Antalya orchard area prepared in the meeting hall. The preparation of Antalya's famous sprinkle pastry was introduced to the participants with a mini show.

Shining Star Gastronomy

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Muhittin Insect said that the thousands of years old Anatolian tradition that blesses food and the table has given us an ancient culinary culture. Saying that gastronomy is the rising and shining star of the world, President Muhittin Insect said, “Antalya has a bed capacity of 700 thousand, qualified hotels, service quality, unique nature, world-famous blue bayraklı It is the capital of tourism with its beaches, ruins, historical and cultural values. At the same time, Antalya, which has half of our country's greenhouse agriculture as the capital of agriculture, creates a great value for tourism, agriculture and our economy with its local crops, unique tastes, rich gastronomy and many geographically indicated products. Most of the agricultural and food products needed by the gastronomy industry and restaurants are delivered to all of Turkey from Antalya. As Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, we are organizing and hosting the first International Food Fest Antalya Gastronomy Festival this year to make Antalya a gastronomy destination. The starting point and main goal of our festival is to protect local food and quality agriculture.”

From Antalya to the World

Stating that they have determined the motto of the festival as “From Antalya to the world” and our theme as “supporting sustainability, biodiversity and local products”, Metropolitan Mayor Insect said: “We aim to leave a more livable world to future generations by protecting our environment and natural resources. We believe that Antalya's hidden flavors and local products will contribute to the menus of hotels and restaurants. We will increase the awareness of our local products that receive geographical indications in the international arena through the invaluable local and global chefs participating in the festival. For example, we aim to include flavors such as Antalya's famous piyaz or pumpkin dessert on the menu of a Michelin-starred chef in France, Spain and Italy, and that our products such as tomatoes, bananas, avocados and oranges will be on the shelves of world markets.”

We Want to Inherit Local Products

Expressing that the local development model constitutes the basic framework of the works, Muhittin Insect said, "We are working with all our strength to develop the local food richness and agricultural potential of the city." Mayor Muhittin Insect noted that as Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, they want to protect local products and leave them a legacy for the future. President Insect stated that they are proud to host the International Gastronomy Festival, which they believe will contribute greatly to achieving this goal.

Panels Competitions Workshops

Muhittin Insect, who said that they are happy and excited to host guests from all over the world and our country, said, “In the first International Food Fest Antalya, which will last for three days, famous Michelin-starred chefs, gourmets, gastronomy and tourism writers from the world and Turkey, in short, from different parts of the sector. We will host professionals in their fields. During the festival, we will organize exhibitions, panels with veteran chefs, interviews, competitions and many other colorful events.”

Full Support from Presidents

After the speech of President Muhittin Insect, Food Fest Antalya Beverage Director Gökmen Sözen explained the contents of the festival to the participants. ATSO President Davut Çetin thanked the Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality Muhittin Insect for the organization of the Food Fest Antalya Gastronomy Festival. Davut Çetin noted that they saw that gastronomy is very important in the tourism city Antalya, in cities such as Gaziantep and Hatay, and that they, as ATSO, are ready to provide all kinds of support. AESOB President Adlıhan Dere pointed out that this festival is also very important for traditional restaurants.

ATB Deputy Chairman Halil Bülbül also stated that geographical products are very important and will contribute to Antalya and the local economy. Chief Uğur Volkan said that as a person from Antalya, it was late, but it was an important event. TÜROFED President Sururi Çorabatır stated that the preferences of the guests changed after the pandemic, and noted that gastronomy came to the fore in the world and the number of guests traveling for gastronomy increased.

AKTOB President Erkan Yağcı said, “One of the important factors that attract tourists to the city is the food and beverage culture. This festival will contribute to the tourist coming to the city," he said.

AOSB President Ali Bahar stated that they are ready to contribute to any organization that will contribute to the city.

TÜRSAB Mediterranean Regional Representative Board Chairman Ferit Turgut emphasized that they will make every possible contribution to Food Fest Antalya, which started with the support of Muhittin President.

AGYID President Zeki Özen stated that they want to make Antalya a gastronomy city after the pandemic, and said, “I would like to thank Muhittin President and his team. The first step towards becoming a truly international festival has been taken.”

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