The Latest Situation in Projects That Will Relieve İzmir Transportation Radio Traffic Discussed in İzmir

The Latest Situation in Projects That Will Relieve Izmir Transportation Radio Traffic Discussed in Izmir
The Latest Situation in Projects That Will Relieve İzmir Transportation Radio Traffic Discussed in İzmir

Özgür Ozan Yılmaz, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General for Transportation, made important statements to Radio Traffic İzmir regarding the projects that will ease transportation in İzmir.

Radio Traffic Izmir continues to host the names that manage Izmir transportation. Özgür Ozan Yılmaz, Deputy Secretary General for Transportation of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, who was a guest of the "Transportation in Izmir with IZUM" program, made statements about the projects that will ease Izmir transportation. Answering the questions of Esra Balkanlı, Radio Traffic İzmir Broadcasting Officer, Yılmaz talked about the ongoing and project phase works.


Speaking about the project that will connect Mavişehir to Anadolu Caddesi, Özgür Ozan Yılmaz said that the expropriations regarding Ordu Boulevard and its surroundings continue. Noting that the decision was taken by the Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME), Yılmaz said, “We are clearing the road coming from Ordu Boulevard in October. We will create a junction by tearing the middle median in the Anadolu Caddesi Ayyıldız region. In the continuation of the project, Ordu Boulevard needs to be connected to Mavişehir via the İZBAN line. İZBAN Line creates an obstacle. We have prepared the bridge project, the expropriation process continues. After the expropriation ended in May KarşıyakaWe will start the connection business of Mavişehir.” made the statement.


Özgür Ozan Yılmaz, Deputy Secretary General, reminded that they received positive effects from the touches they made at the Karataş and Marina Junctions on Mustafa Kemal Beach Boulevard and said, “There is a congestion on the coast line on the way back to Küçükyalı. We aim to relax this place by making some arrangements. In addition to the signalization at Köprü Stop, at the exit of 128 Street, we will tear open the middle median and turn towards Balçova. Thus, we aim to prevent the crowding in front of Hakimiyet-i Milliye Primary School.” made its assessment.


Explaining the latest situation regarding the multi-storey intersection project at Yaşayanlar Junction, Yılmaz said, “We will take the traffic up on Yeşillik Caddesi. We have a 700 meter bridge project. Below it will be a roundabout. Since the main transmission line is an obstacle to the project, İZSU has to carry out the displacement process. The cost of displacement is more than the cost of the bridge. About the subject Tunç Soyer We will have a meeting with our president next week. We also have a pedestrian overpass project in Orcaner.” used his statements.


Özgür Ozan Yılmaz stated that the vehicle overpass project to be built in the Air Training Command region in order to reduce the intensity experienced in Sarnıç at peak hours is continuing and they have made the tender. Yılmaz said that since the project passes over the İZBAN line, the talks with the State Railways continue, and the work continues for the natural gas line displacement.


Talking about the projects they think will bring the most solutions to traffic, Deputy Secretary General for Transportation Yılmaz said, “We will also touch the points that fall from 3 lanes to 2 lanes at the intersection and their participation due to art structures. We will work on Anadolu Caddesi, Zafer Payzın Junction, Halkapınar Junction and Yeşildere line in an area of ​​14 kilometers. In addition, we will make 12 kilometers of road. There are 5.3 kilometers of viaducts in the area. We will build an additional bridge of 5 kilometers without touching these bridges. Our goal is to clear the congestion at these points. This is a long-term project, requiring a budget of 5 billion TL. We started a phase with our own budget possibilities. We will go out to tender for the road that will connect Ege Mahallesi and Mürselpaşa Boulevard. When we connect the Food Bazaar exit to Mürselpaşa Boulevard, we will relieve this place.” he said.


Özgür Ozan Yılmaz reminded that they have restarted the work on the project called “Yeni Uçanyol” between Buca and Otogar and said, “The works will continue for 3 more years. We plan to finish in March 2025. We will bring the viaducts, which are completed in 2 months, to transportation by opening a temporary junction in Altındağ. Before the tunnel is finished, we will provide the bus station crossings with viaducts.” said.


Özgür Ozan Yılmaz, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General for Transportation, also answered questions from Radio Traffic İzmir listeners. Yilmaz, BayraklıHe said that the cable car project that will facilitate access to the City Hospital, which is under construction in Istanbul, continues, and that they are waiting for approval from the Ministry of Health since the last station is in the hospital area. Özgür Ozan Yılmaz, who stated that İZSU's rain water separation projects continue in the Buca region, answered the most frequently asked questions about Electronic Control System (EDS), “There are positive developments regarding EDS. Our protocol has been submitted to the security commission. Negotiations are continuing to further enlarge the system. Everything is going well, we will activate it in a year.” gave the answer.


Yılmaz pointed out that due to the increasing costs, ticket revenues in public transportation do not cover one sixth of the cost. Stating that the boarding fee, which is 6 liras and 6 kurus, is subsidized by 50 liras, Özgür Ozan Yılmaz said, “The price we undertake more than necessary causes a decrease in the share we allocate for the investment. Legal Counsel will take legal action against the UKOME decision regarding our proposal, which was rejected by the majority of votes.” he reminded.


Reminding that there was a decrease in vehicle usage with the increase in fuel prices, but it has returned to normal recently, Yılmaz said, “With the opening of the schools, the traffic density increased with the service vehicles on the roads. In addition, the number of public transportation users is increasing. By the end of the year, the use of public transportation vehicles in İzmir will reach 554 million. Thus, it will exceed the 2020 million number we reached at the end of 510. There are also complaints we have received regarding the transfer system. We are trying to evaluate them and make the necessary arrangements.” he said.

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