Jury Members of Accessible Film Festival Short Film Competition Announced

Jury Members of Accessible Film Festival Short Film Competition Announced
Jury Members of Accessible Film Festival Short Film Competition Announced

The jury members who will evaluate the finalists in the "Short Film Competition", the second of which will be held within the scope of the Accessible Film Festival, which will meet with its audience for the 10th time this year, have been determined.

For the second time as part of the “Accessible Film Festival” organized by Puruli Culture and Arts, which will start with physical screenings in Eskişehir between 14-16 October and meet with moviegoers online between 17-23 October in Ankara and all over Turkey. Short Film Competition” is held.

With the "Short Film Competition", it is aimed to support the development of the short film genre, to encourage the increase in production in this field, and to bring together short film lovers and directors by contributing to the directors of the genre; on this year's jury of the competition KLAPPE AUF! Short Film Festival Director Andreas Grützner, director Jale İncekol, and Hezarfen Film Gallery Founding Director Nesim Bencoya.

In the "Short Film Competition", which includes the monetary award this year, 500 USD each for the Best Director and the Best Screenplay, and 1000 USD for the Best Film, to be determined by the jury members; the audience will determine the Audience Special Award with their votes. The winners will be announced on Saturday, October 22.

13 short films will compete in the final of the "Short Film Competition"

While 19 short films from 90 different countries applied for the "Short Film Competition" this year; There are 3 short films from 10 different countries, 7 domestic and 13 foreign productions, among the finalists determined by the pre-selection jury consisting of International Different Perspectives Festival Director Hülya Demirden, culture manager İmre Tezel and writer-director Murat Emir Eren.

Among the finalists of the competition are Neighboring Sounds, in which Ali Kıvanç Güldürür tells the story of a young couple Bilal and Aylin, who witnessed a fight in a house in their neighborhood in the middle of the night; The Key (The Key), which deals with the events that begin when Elshad Elsever, displaced by the war, Umid loses the keys, his last hope to return to his occupied home; Farnoosh Abedi's The Sprayer, in which he describes the revolutionary events that started when one of the soldiers found a seed buried deep in the dust in the lands occupied by the army of gasmakers, who did not even allow to grow plants; Hilke Rönnfeldt's Fence (Fence), about the fence built between Denmark and Germany to prevent the spread of deadly swine flu, separating Ebba and her lover Jona; Shadows, which deals with Jamilia Azizova's holy step to expand her family life, turning into a battle for dreams and a nightmare; Starring Jane Ashmore and starring British autistic TV and film actor Jules Robertson, beyond a production about autism, it invites the audience to think from the point of view of a person with autism; The story of Jane Devoy's struggles with a single parent, a nurse, and her two daughters in the early days of quarantine. Sohbet (Chatter); Quarantine (Quarantine), which features Majid Mirhashemi's story of a fanatical husband and a woman struggling for the future of her daughter; Margarethe Baillou's And So I Begin (And So I Begin), a semi-animation that shows at one glance a painter, writer, and a modern ballerina, who lived side by side in the same place despite being among them for decades; Galip (A Winner) focuses on the difficulties of Mehdi Mahaei's female director, who returned with an award from an international film festival, while leaving the country; Yasemin (Jasmine), who questions Muaz Güneş whether fate is chasing love or love is chasing fate; The Game, which talks about the transformation of the games and intrigues played on the world by Önder Menken into stories that darken the future of humanity; Ziba Karamali and Emad Arad's Barter films about the secret that his father tried to hide from the thirteen-year-old Parsa.

All films in the festival are accessible and free this year.

Accessible Film Festival is at the Yunus Emre Cultural Center in Eskişehir between 14-16 October and at the Magical Fener Kızılay Cinema in Ankara between 17-23 October with physical screenings. Festival films can be watched free of charge in the hall and on the online platform on the days and times announced on the website. In addition to the film screenings at the Accessible Film Festival, interviews with the film crews in the program are also part of the festival. YouTube can be viewed on the channel.

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