Market and Price Guarantees Will Be Offered to Producers with Contracted Livestock

Market and Price Guarantees Will Be Offered to Producers with Contracted Livestock
Market and Price Guarantees Will Be Offered to Producers with Contracted Livestock

Contracted livestock breeding, which was implemented with the President's Decision on the Support of Contracted Livestock, will provide market and price guarantees to the producers.

With the President's Decision, which was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force today, support payments and conditions to be made to producers according to carcass weight were determined within the scope of contracted livestock supports.

With the contracted livestock system, it was aimed to bring the idle capacities of the fattening enterprises into production, to ensure the sustainability of red meat production, to create a strong supply chain, to increase productivity and employment in the countryside, to pre-plan the input supply of the producer and to set an exemplary model for the sector.

With the productivity incentive premium brought with the application, it will contribute to the live stock management and the sustainability of animal husbandry.

Accordingly, the carcass weight was given to the breeders who made a 5-year contract with the Meat and Dairy Institution.

a) 201 TL/kg for those weighing 250- 2,5 kg,

b) 251 TL/kg for those weighing 300 – 3,5 kg,

c) 301 TL/kg for those weighing 5 kg or more,

support will be paid.


Monthly costs will be calculated by the commissions to be created.

Purchasing prices will be updated according to the determined cost, taking into account the welfare of the farmer.

Manufacturers with purchase and price guarantees will be able to plan their production for 5 years. In this way, the breeders will insure their income.


Producers, who are given a purchase guarantee by the IHC, can unilaterally withdraw from the livestock contract signed with the Institution without any loss of rights.

Depending on the supply and demand situation of the red meat market, producers may be given early or late slaughter premiums.


With the contracted breeding model, training will be given to producers in their farms on animal health, welfare and nutrition.

By establishing registration systems, the animal's fattening processes, intake and slaughter schedules will be monitored through the system.

With sustainable, hygienic, healthy and high quality red meat production, both the producer and the consumer will be protected.

The necessary resource for the payments to be made within the scope of the application will be provided from the agricultural support budget of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry.


Minister of Agriculture and Forestry Prof. Dr. Vahit Kirişci stated that the only way to revive the countryside, revive and increase production in the countryside is through rural development.

Stressing that they put this forward as a vision, Kirişci stated that they wish to make such contracted production models attractive through some supports.

Pointing out that the contracted production model will enable the production of the products needed by the country as much as needed, Kirişci said, “We have demonstrated our will to benefit from our production resources at the highest level without compromising the sustainability principle. Food safety is a national issue in our strategic priority sectors such as livestock breeding. Food security, on the other hand, has two basic pillars: supply and economic access.” used his statements.

Pointing out that with the Presidential Decree published today, they started the contracted fattening model in order to protect the producer's labor for sustainable stockbreeding, Minister Kirişci said, “Contracted fattening is an exemplary production model. This was implemented with the principle of domestic and national production. With planned production, both our breeder and Turkey will win”.

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