Dancing Robots Attracted Attention at MAKTEK Eurasia Fair

Dancing Robots Attracted Attention at MAKTEK Eurasia Fair
Dancing Robots Attracted Attention at MAKTEK Eurasia Fair

Tezmaksan, which brought the first example of robot dances that started in the USA in Turkey to the MAKTEK Fair, met with intense interest from exhibitors and visitors. Tezmaksan, which produces solutions for today's and future industrial production with sustainable technologies, participated in MAKTEK Eurasia Fair held between September 26 and October 1, 2022 with the motto Automation's our passion. On the first day of the fair, which will bring together the most important suppliers and manufacturers of the Eurasian region for the 7th time, Tezmaksan provided the participants with a different experience in addition to its new generation technological solutions. Within the scope of the cooperation with Dans Fabrika, 4 robots programmed in sync, danced within the scope of the choreography created by the team members and Çağla Şıkel, breaking a new ground in Turkey.

“The strongest trump card we have as an industry is production and export”

Hakan Aydoğdu, General Manager of Tezmaksan, who stated that they are happy to take part in the MAKTEK Eurasia Fair, which has a wider participant list by taking the “international” title this year, said, “Maktek Eurasia, which is located in an important place for the development of our industry and exchange of ideas, met with companies for six days. We will come together and improve our relations. For this reason, as the solution partner of the Turkish industry, we took our place here with our new generation solutions. Our most prominent technology among these is our Cubebox system, which we have been exporting to 17 countries since the beginning of the year and we plan to export to 30 more by the end of the year. In addition, our systems with integrated 5G technology were also on our stand at the fair. Due to the unknown in the world, many sectors are going through a difficult process. Production and exports are the strongest trump card we have as a sector in this period when production is interrupted in Europe due to the winter and the energy crisis. If we cannot achieve these two, we will have lost the chance to fight head-to-head with the giant companies of the world. That's why we, as Tezmaksan, have developed our strategy in this direction in order to establish contacts for new market places in this fair.”

Çağla Şıkel's dance partner was robots this time

Çağla Şıkel expressed her excitement that she danced with Tezmaksan robots, a first in Turkey, in line with the choreography she prepared with Dance Factory dancers at the fair, and said: “We are now in an era where robots started dancing since the days when people started dancing robots. When I got an offer to dance with robots, I accepted at first because I think it is something everyone would want to be in such a first place. At this point, the presence of Dance Factory dancers, whose work I follow with interest, and the choreography we prepared together, created a visually beautiful show and was a first in Turkey. We hope that the number of similar events will increase in other fairs.”

Emir Asarı with his race car and teammate at MAKTEK Eurasia

Competing in the Nürburgring Endurance Championship under the main sponsorship of Tezmaksan, Emir Asarı shared his experiences of taking part in the fair with his teammate Benjamin Leuchter and said, “Tezmaksan, Turkey's leading brand in its field, not only invests in technology but also supports sports and athletes. As a matter of fact, I have been competing under the main sponsorship of Tezmaksan for three years. Here today is my Audi RS 3 LMS TCR as well as my teammate Benjamin. We met with those who followed us and shared our experiences. The energy we get from the environment here before the previous race of the season will give us extra motivation.”

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