Tips for Working Safely in Hot Weather

Tips for Working Safely in Hot Weather
Tips for Working Safely in Hot Weather

Country Industrial Corporate Solutions Director Murat Şengül lists tips that can help prevent heat stress injuries and heat stroke in employees during the summer months.

Can Heat Stroke Cause Death?

Şengül listed the tips that businesses and employees should pay attention to in heat stroke as follows:

“The working environment should be climatized. The working environment should be air-conditioned and natural air flow should be provided in non-air-conditioned areas. Direct sun rays should be prevented from reaching the working area. Personnel working in outdoor environments should also be provided to work in cooler hours, heavy work should be shifted to less hot days as much as possible.

Employee attire should be appropriate for the environment. Work clothes should be comfortable, thin and heat-repellent, synthetic clothing should not be worn. In particular, personal protective equipment such as shoes, overalls, helmets or gloves should be selected that are suitable for the temperature in the working environment, and employees should not be allowed to give up their safety equipment due to excessive heat.

Fluid loss should be prevented. Daily fluid consumption should be increased and people should be encouraged to drink water without feeling thirsty. Shifts should be arranged in such a way that breaks are made at more frequent intervals than usual.

Employee health should be monitored. The treatments of those with metabolic disorders such as hypertension, heart disease, diabetes, overworking of the thyroid gland, asthmatics and other chronic patients should be reviewed and they should be asked to contact their doctors and have their medications checked.

Attention should be paid to food consumption. Light, easy to digest, seasonal menus should be prepared in workplaces where meals are served.

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