Mental Illnesses Trigger Cancer!

Mental Illnesses Trigger Cancer
Mental Illnesses Trigger Cancer!

Expert Clinical Psychologist Müjde Yahşi gave important information about the subject. If we do not share our emotions, if we accumulate them within us, or if we consume them ahead of time, we will damage our brain.

There are certain chemicals in our brain and these chemicals make up our emotions. The whole management of our happiness, sadness, anger, or fear is in the brain. But; When the balance of our emotions begins to deteriorate, the balance of the release of chemicals in our brain begins to deteriorate. This, in turn, starts to affect our thoughts and behavior. So it affects our whole life.

The disruption in our brain first affects the psyche. The person whose soul is affected experiences conflicts with himself and has difficulty in establishing a healthy relationship with others. Reflections of mental impairments vary widely from person to person. Some of these varieties are; it is like extreme anxiety in some, intense lack of self-confidence in some, depressive thoughts in some, and inability to trust anyone.

A person who cannot realize the deterioration in his soul begins to deteriorate in other parts of his body over time and he becomes prone to diseases. Cardiovascular diseases, rheumatic diseases, stomach and intestinal diseases, migraine, skin diseases and cancer are the most common "mental diseases". There are even important studies on the fact that the organ directly connected with the brain is our intestines. Let's not burden our souls with more than we can handle. Let's know this; As the weight of the loads increases, the human accelerates, the soul cannot keep up with this speed, the body gets sick.

So slow down now to get better… Feel, realize, love your soul, do not be unfair to yourself and protect yourself from diseases…

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