100 Million TL Investment from İZBETON to Machine Park

Million Lira Investment from IZBETON to Machinery Park
100 Million TL Investment from İZBETON to Machine Park

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality's subsidiary İZBETON A.Ş. 5 construction equipment and 2 fuel oil tankers were purchased to use in road construction and renovation works throughout İzmir. With these purchases, İZBETON machinery park has been further strengthened with an investment of 3 million TL in the last 100 years.

Despite the economic problems of the country, İzmir Metropolitan Municipality has accelerated the road renewal works throughout İzmir. kazanHe made another big investment. The municipal subsidiary İZBETON A.Ş., which carries out the road works in the city. bought a grader, a truck roller, an asphalt roller, a soil compactor, an asphalt paver and 2 more vehicles to be used in fuel oil transportation. Thus, in the last three years, İZBETON has 73 vehicles in its machinery park, from transportation vehicles to commercial vehicles, from asphalt application machines to stone crushers, from tractor trailers to graders. kazanhe's gone. With these vehicles, İZBETON's investment in the machinery park in 3 years reached 100 million liras.

İZBETON has established a new asphalt team ready to work all over İzmir thanks to the latest purchases.

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