1915 Çanakkale Bridge Couldn't Reach Half of the 'Guaranteed' Figure Even on Holidays

Canakkale Bridge Could Not Reach Half Of The Guaranteed Number Even On Eid
1915 Çanakkale Bridge Couldn't Reach Half of the 'Guaranteed' Figure Even on Holidays

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure Adil Karaismailoğlu announced that 45 thousand 8 vehicles passed through the Çanakkale Bridge on Friday, July 14, the day of the eve, for which the Treasury guarantees 275 thousand vehicles per day.

For the difference of approximately 31 thousand vehicles, the Treasury will pay the company a total of approximately 17,7 thousand Euros (690 million TL) in one day, over approximately 9,6 Euros per vehicle.


The project, which was put out to tender with the build-operate-transfer model, was realized by the 'Daelim-Limak-SK-Yapı Merkezi Joint Venture', which consists of Turkish and South Korean companies that won with an operational period of 16 years, 2 months and 12 days. The project has a total length of 88 kilometers, including 13 kilometers of highway and 101 kilometers of connection roads.

The transition guarantee given by the Treasury to companies in the project amounts to 6 billion Euros in total.

President Erdoğan announced at the opening ceremony on March 18 that the car toll fee on the Çanakkale Bridge is 200 TL.


SözcüAccording to the news in; For the 1915 Çanakkale Bridge, 45 thousand vehicles per day were guaranteed. In the guarantee given, the fee per vehicle was 15 euro + VAT.

Since this fee determined in the contract is updated according to the Eurozone inflation, the transition guarantee will be 2021 euros (2022 TL) for 17,7 when the inflation at the end of 290 is calculated.

Accordingly, the annual warranty fee of the bridge was approximately 380 million Euros, and the total amount of state guarantee to be given during the operation period was approximately 6 billion Euros.

The annual number of vehicles carried by GESTAŞ, which operates the ferryboat, is around 10 thousand vehicles per day. In 2019, the pre-pandemic period, an average of 12 thousand vehicles were transported. In other words, the number of vehicles carried by the ferry is far below the guarantee of 45 thousand vehicles.

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