Canadian Certificate Programs

Canadian Certification Programs
Canadian Certification Programs

Canadian certificate programs It offers unique programs especially for students who want to study in a short-term and vocational field. Especially compared to alternative countries, the advantage of the Canadian Dollar is the exchange rate, and the fact that it offers a work permit during and after the education period.  

 We know that you have many questions about Canadian certificate programs. Expert consultants at the Canadian Cultural Center will answer these questions for us. 

Advantages of Canadian Certificate Programs 

  • It offers unique trainings to people who aim to specialize in the field of universities and colleges. 
  • With the exchange rate advantage of the Canadian Dollar, it offers much more reasonable programs compared to its alternatives. 
  • It offers the opportunity to apply for immigration part-time during study, full-time after study, and then to Canada. 
  • Canadian Certificate Program Prices How Much 
  • University of Toronto: 43,000 – 52,000 CAD
  • McMaster University: 20,000 – 26,000 CAD
  • University of British Columbia: 30,000 – 35,000 CAD
  • University of Alberta: 20,000 – 24,000 CAD
  • Simon Fraser University: 21,000 – 28,000 CAD
  • Thompson Rivers University: 14,500 – 19,000 CAD
  • University of Manitoba: 13,000 – 17,000 CAD
  • Brock University: 22,000 – 29,000 CAD
  • York University: 24,000 – 30,000 CAD
  • University of Victoria: CAD 19,000 – 29,000
  • McGill University: 27,000 – 30,000 CAD
  • Waterloo University: 30,000 – 33,000 CAD
  • Wilfrid Laurier University: 21,000 – 23,000 CAD
  • Carleton University: 24,000 – 28,000 CAD
  • Sheridan College: CAD 18,000
  • Niagara College: CAD 12,500
  • Seneca College: 14,000 – 16,000 CAD
  • Humber College: 15,500 – 18,000 CAD
  • Fanshawe College: CAD 15,000

What are the Conditions of Participation? 

 One of the biggest advantages of Canadian certificate programs is; It is open to almost anyone who wants to participate. If the basic conditions below are met, you can safely apply with the Canadian Cultural Center, which is the authorized and official application center in Turkey. 

  • High school graduates who want to improve themselves in a field,
  • University students in short-term programs,
  • University graduates before starting business life,
  • graduate graduates,
  • Professionals and managers.

Apply with Confidence with the Canadian Cultural Center! 

 Managing the whole process such as education application, visa application and accommodation application requires serious experience. With over 10 years of experience and experience, Canadian Cultural Center makes your application together with its expert consultants. 

For detailed information about Canadian certificate programs and Canadian certificate programs prices:

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