Suggestions for Protecting Your Oral and Dental Health

Tips to Protect Your Oral and Dental Health
Suggestions for Protecting Your Oral and Dental Health

He draws attention to the importance of repairing decayed teeth with fillings, root canal treatment, tooth extraction and follow-up, if necessary, implants and related prostheses in protecting mouth and health in dental problems.

Acidic foods: All kinds of acid-containing or acid-producing substances reduce the pH of the mouth, and in acidic pH, the antibodies, which are the soldiers of our immune system in saliva and gums, do not work, and therefore their protective effects on teeth are reduced. Acidic foods have a direct destructive effect on mineralized tissues such as teeth and bones. It also creates surfaces on the teeth that bacteria can easily hold onto. Acid-producing or acidic foods should be avoided as much as possible, and if there is a need for use, a neutralizing food such as water or yoghurt should be consumed. Mechanical cleaning, such as brushing teeth for at least half an hour after consuming acidic foods, is not recommended. The reason for this is the waiting period for the oral pH to return to the normal alkaline level.

Sugary foods: Sugar is found in many foods that we consume daily, from white bread to fruits. Although sugar is necessary, too much is harmful, and most mouth-dwelling bacteria love sugar. Sugar adheres to the tooth surface and creates surfaces for bacteria to cling to. The acids produced by bacteria on these surfaces therefore damage the tooth surface. If you check out this dentist in Tarzana, they will also suggest rinsing your mouth with water each time you eat sugary foods. Doing so should help in decreasing the likelihood of developing caries.

Milk and milk products: Milk and dairy products, which are essential foods for our body, regulate the pH of the oral environment and provide calcium support to the teeth and bones. However, improper use of these products can be harmful. For example, if you drink milk after brushing your teeth at night, your teeth may be damaged. Because milk contains lactose, a type of sugar. Since the salivary flow rate decreases at night, the buffering capacity of the oral environment is considerably reduced, and sugar feeds the microbes.

Fruits: Especially vitamin C is very necessary for our gums and immune system. Eating enough fruit not only makes us sick less, but also provides the necessary sugar for our body. It should not be forgotten that excessive consumption of fruits is very harmful due to their sugar content and acidic effect.

Hot or cold foods: As with any substance, it reacts as expansion or stretching in our body according to hot and cold. Our teeth are living tissue covered with mineral crystals. This crystal structure can be damaged by sudden temperature changes and cracks or even fractures can occur. Therefore, very cold and very hot foods should not be consumed together.

With increasing chewing action, saliva secretion will increase and the likelihood of caries will decrease due to the buffering effect of the acidic environment. You should not consume any food at least half an hour before brushing your teeth, and you should wait for the neutralization period of the oral environment. You can use mouthwashes recommended by your doctor as a supplement to reduce bacterial elimination in the mouth. Even if you do not have any complaints, do not neglect to visit your dentist at least 2 times a year.

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