Tüprag Prepares Producing Women for a Strong Future

Tuprak Prepares Producing Women for Strong Tomorrows
Tüprag Prepares Producing Women for a Strong Future

The “Productive Women, Strong Futures” project, implemented in cooperation with Tüprag and the Women-Friendly Brands Platform, completed its first training day on July 18, 2022. The training phase of the “Productive Women, Strong Futures” project, which will be held in İzmir between 27 June and 29 August 2022 by Tüprag, one of the important actors of the mining industry, has started. Within the scope of the project, which was initiated to support the empowerment of women living in the region and their participation in the entrepreneurial ecosystem, various trainings were organized by expert trainers for the women of 4 villages around the Efemçukuru Gold Mine in İzmir's Menderes district.

More than 18 women from different age groups participated in the training program, the first of which was held on July 2022, 100. The program, which started with the training of Expert Sociologist Sonnur ADA under the title of “Gender Equality”, was given by Fatma Asuman KÖSEOĞLU from Denizbank Aegean Regional Directorate with the project partnership of Women in Technology Association. Then, "Basic Technology Education" from Happy Education Academy Özge ERKUT and finally Feruzoğlu Law Firm Att. Hasret Gündüz and Atty. The first training day was completed with Gülce Gül's KVKK trainings.

In addition to the vision trainings that will continue on different dates, there will also be certified vocational trainings that will be held in cooperation with Menderes Public Education Center, one of the project stakeholders, and that the participants can attend in their own villages. “Productive Women, Strong Futures Project” will take place between 27 June and 29 August.

Vocational training will also be provided.

In addition to vision trainings, role model meetings and workshop activities in different fields, women participating in the project will also participate in 4 different vocational trainings within the body of Menderes Public Education Center. A certificate will be given to each participant after vocational training. Aiming at agricultural development in the region; Soap Production and Microblading workshops will be held in addition to the certified vocational training programs covering Hard Seed Fruit Growing / Grape Seed Oil Production, Mushroom Cultivation, Packaging and Packaging trainings. The trainings will last for a total of 5 weeks in the village schools of Efemçukuru and Çatalca Villages.

"Our primary goal is to support women's entrepreneurship and increase the education level of the region"

In his statement regarding the project, Onur Demir, Foreign Relations Manager of Tüprag Madencilik Efemçukuru Gold Mine;

“As Tüprag, in all regions where we operate, we attach great importance to realizing projects for the development and development of the people of the region. We also prioritize that the majority of our employment consists of men and women in these villages. Supporting the ecosystem of women entrepreneurs in our regions and increasing the education rate of girls are an important part of our sustainability goals. “Productive Women, Strong Futures” project has been a valuable work serving this purpose.

Expressing that within the scope of the project, more than 16 women aged 64-100 living in the region are given very special vision trainings, Demir also gave the following information about the project; “Simultaneously, during the project, we take 4 certified vocational trainings to their villages upon the examination of the geographical structure of the region and upon the demands of women. We aim to bring women into the entrepreneurship ecosystem after approximately 16 hours of technology-oriented vision training, an average of 80 hours of vocational training, and workshops from experts in different fields. We would like to thank our project partner Women-Friendly Brands Platform, and our education partners Women in Technology Association and Menderes Public Education Center for their great sacrifices and valuable contributions. At the end of the project, we are planning to make significant investments in the region for the projects that we believe will create significant employment and the development of the region among the business ideas that our entrepreneur candidates living in the region will come up with. In addition, we aim to present all emerging projects to angel investors on August 29," he said.

Nazlı Demirel, the founder of the Women-Friendly Brands Platform, who is the collaborator of the project, which works hard to ensure that more than 4 women and young girls participating in the project from 100 different villages of Menderes, exist in the world of entrepreneurship, said in a statement about the project that the "Producer He thanked Tüprag Madencilik for implementing the “Women Strong Futures” project and expressed their happiness to be a component of this meaningful project. She added that as a platform, even after the project is over, women with high energy and determination in these villages will always be by their side. Finally, Demirel said, "We will continue to work with all our energy for the strong women of tomorrow, who are half of the society and those who have wounds."

Festival-like event

The project, whose second vision training day has been determined as August 1, 2022, will end on August 29, 2022 with a festival-like event where entrepreneurial ideas and projects and angel investors will be brought together.

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