The 7 Most Common Nutritional Mistakes During Eid-al-Adha

The Most Common Malnutrition Error During Eid-al-Adha
The 7 Most Common Nutritional Mistakes During Eid-al-Adha

Nur Ecem Baydı Ozman, Nutrition and Diet Specialist of Acıbadem Kozyatağı Hospital, talked about the 7 most common mistakes made during Eid al-Adha; made recommendations and warnings.

Error: Skipping breakfast

Actually: Prolonged fasting often results in loss of control at the next meal. For this reason, when you skip meals during the holiday, you may not be able to keep your blood sugar under control and you may not be able to resist the treats, or you may exaggerate what you eat after a long hunger. Nutrition and Diet Specialist Nur Ecem Baydı Ozman gives the information, “Therefore, start the day with a light breakfast and try to keep your appetite under control by consuming a main or snack after 3-4 hours if possible”.

Error: forgetting to drink water

Actually: Not consuming enough water is a mistake we often make in routine times. The most important reason for not drinking water is generally related to the frequent consumption of beverages such as tea and coffee. The amount of consumption of such drinks or other cold drinks may increase during the holiday. As a result of insufficient water consumption, headaches and digestive problems can develop. Calculate your water requirement by multiplying your weight in kg by 30 ml and make sure to consume this amount of water every day. Note that liquids from tea and coffee are not included in the water calculation.

Error: Neglecting vegetables

Actually: Summer is actually a very advantageous season in terms of vegetables that can be eaten both raw and cooked. In order to benefit from the beneficial contents of vegetables such as vitamins, minerals and pulp during the day, be sure to consume plenty and various vegetables at every meal, during the feast and at other times. Consuming more vegetables helps to keep your appetite in balance, as well as being effective against digestive problems such as constipation. In addition, vegetables help to reverse this effect, as excessive meat consumption will disrupt the balance of beneficial and harmful bacteria in the intestine in favor of harmful bacteria.

Error: Exaggerating meat consumption

Actually: During Eid al-Adha, we have a habit of consuming sacrificial meat at all meals, from breakfast to lunch and dinner. Nutrition and Diet Specialist Nur Ecem Baydı Ozman, stating that consuming large amounts of meat both impairs cardiovascular health and increases the risk of colon cancer, says, "Make sure that your red meat consumption does not exceed 500 grams per week."

Error: succumb to sweet treats

Actually: The prominence of products such as pies, sweets, chocolate and candies as treats during our holidays results in an increase in the consumption of these foods. Nutrition and Diet Specialist Nur Ecem Baydı Ozman, who warns, "Unfortunately, these are mostly foods with low nutrient density, lacking vitamins and minerals, but only calories." may result in you getting Cut down on sweets and pastries, both during the holidays and at other times. Make room for more vegetables, fruits, grains and legumes in your meals. For example, consume fruit instead of dessert or cereal salads instead of pastries”.

Error: Cooking meat at high heat

Actually: Never cook meat at high temperatures. Because cooking methods that reach high temperatures in a short time can cause the formation of carcinogenic substances in meat. Therefore, cook the meat for a long time on low heat without adding extra fat if possible. Again, it is very important that you pay attention that the distance of the meat from the fire is not less than 20 cm in the method of barbecue cooking against the risk of carcinogens.

Error: Taking a break from exercise by saying 'Holiday'

Actually: In addition to increasing the amount of food and drink, and even the diet with poor quality ingredients, during the holidays, we generally move much less. However, in order to talk about the benefits of exercise, that exercise must be done regularly. Therefore, if you exercise regularly, continue this habit during the holiday. You can also evaluate the holiday process with outdoor walks or other exercise methods suitable for you.

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