Hello Space, Turkey's First Mobile Satellite Network, Prepares to Go to Space

Turkey's First Mobile Satellite Network Hello Space Is Getting Ready To Go To Space
Hello Space, Turkey's First Mobile Satellite Network, Prepares to Go to Space

Hello Space will produce pocket satellites with the world's latest technology and the smallest satellite standard in the field of satellite. Getting ready to send its first satellite to Istanbul, Hello Space will provide data services to companies with internet of things technology as Turkey's first and the world's third mobile satellite network initiative.

Hello Space, Turkey's first mobile satellite commercial venture, set out to become one of the important technology start-ups born in Turkey, offering worldwide service, by providing data service with the internet of things technology with pocket satellites (pocketqube) to be sent into space. Pocket satellites, produced with the world's smallest satellite standard in 5cm3, provide narrowband data communication. Hello Space aims to provide end-to-end data services all over the world by creating a network of mobile satellites to be sent into space. Hello Space's first pocket satellite, 'Istanbul', is getting ready to take its place in space with SpaceX's Falcon2023 rocket in January 9.

Hello Space will cover all parts of the world with its 5cm3 Istanbul pocket test satellite. Pocket satellites provide uninterrupted and powerful data service at low cost with the internet of things technology, even in remote regions and oceans with low human density, which are out of the coverage area with current technologies. In this way, it becomes possible to track the movement of cargo containers in the oceans, for example, by transporting remote sensor data. The same data can be provided at a much lower cost compared to existing technologies on subjects that require data tracking in maritime, agriculture, animal husbandry, energy, environment and climate issues.

Both the hardware and software of the Istanbul pocket satellite, which includes new generation technologies, will be produced in Turkey.

Hello Space Co-Founder and CEO Muzaffer Duysal said, “I served as the Team Leader in the Grizu-263A project, Turkey's first mobile satellite. I am proud to continue my experience here by expanding it with the goal of becoming a global company that provides data services by creating a mobile satellite network with Hello Space.”

Hello Space Co-Founder Zafer Şen said, “As Hello Space, we are working hard to make Turkey one of the world's pioneers in the field of mobile satellites by producing both hardware and software in Turkey.” Zafer Şen is also the founding partner of OBSS Teknoloji.

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