What is Android Developer, What Does It Do, How To Become? Android Developer Salaries 2022

What is an Android Developer, What It Does, How To Get Android Developer Salaries 2022
What is an Android Developer, What It Does, How To Get Android Developer Salaries 2022

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Android Developer is the professional title given to people who are responsible for developing applications for devices powered by the Android open source operating system.

What Does Android Developer Do, What Are Their Duties?

The main task of the Android developer is to develop applications for smartphones and tablets using the Android operating system. Other responsibilities of professional professionals are;

  • Communicating with product manager, customer and sales teams to evaluate customer demands and usability of new applications,
  • To learn about project limitations, interface and performance requirements to create optimum software,
  • Designing and developing advanced applications for the Android platform,
  • To ensure that the application has the best possible performance and quality,
  • To fix errors that occur when the application is sent to users,
  • Diagnose performance problems, increase the functionality of new applications,
  • Checking the compatibility of the application with multiple versions of Android device types,
  • Designing reusable and reliable Java code,
  • Performing teamwork to provide technical information and review working drafts

How To Become An Android Developer?

There is no formal education requirement to become an Android developer. It is possible to step into the profession by graduating from software engineering, computer engineering and related departments of universities, which provide four-year education. At the same time, Android Software Development trainings are given in various universities and education academies.

>People who want to be Android Developers need to have certain qualifications;

  • Must have proficiency in Android user interface (UI) design principles, patterns and best practices.
  • Must have command of software such as Android SDK, Eclipse, Android Studio.
  • Must have extensive and practical experience in creating UI controls, designing protocols, implementing interfaces, and optimizing performance.
  • Must have knowledge of object-oriented programming.
  • Must be able to produce effective solutions to problems.
  • Must work within budget and within deadlines.
  • Detail oriented work.
  • Should be open to professional development.

Android Developer Salaries 2022

The lowest Android Developer salary received in 2022 was 7.800 TL, the average Android Developer salary was 11.700 TL, and the highest Android Developer salary was 17.400 TL.

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