Mercedes-EQ Redefines the Luxury Segment with New All-Electric EQS

Mercedes-EQ Redefines the Luxury Segment with New All-Electric EQS
Mercedes-EQ Redefines the Luxury Segment with New All-Electric EQS

Mercedes-EQ redefines the luxury segment with the all-electric New EQS. Defined as the "S-Class of electric cars", the EQS also draws attention as it is the first model based on a modular architecture for high-class electric vehicles developed by Mercedes from scratch. EQS, the turning point of the electric and luxury segment with its cutting-edge technology and design details, was launched in Turkey with the 385 kW (523 HP) EQS 580 4MATIC model at the first stage.

The world's most aerodynamic production car

EQS achieved a record Cd value with a wind drag coefficient of 0,20 Cd, which was achieved thanks to the close collaboration of aerodynamic experts and designers, and many meticulous details including the “Purpose-Oriented Design” approach. This makes the EQS the most aerodynamically designed production car in the world. The said value reflects positively on the driving range in particular. The EQS also stands out as one of the quietest vehicles in the world with its low wind drag.

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High range and low consumption values

With a range of up to 649 kilometers (WLTP) and power output of up to 385 kW (523 HP), the powertrain of the EQS meets the needs of users in the S-Class segment. All EQS versions have an electric powertrain (eATS) on the rear axle, while the 4MATIC versions have an eATS on the front axle.

EQS is offered with new generation batteries with much higher energy density. The larger of the two batteries has an energy capacity of 107,8 kWh. This figure means about 26 percent higher capacity compared to the EQC (EQC 400 4MATIC: Combined electricity consumption: 21,5-20,1 kWh / 100 km; CO2 emissions: 0 g / km).

Range of 15 km in 300 minutes

EQS can be charged up to 200 kW at DC fast charging stations. A 300-minute charge is all it takes for a range of up to 15 kilometers (WLTP). The EQS can be charged up to 11 kW with AC using the integrated charger at home or at public charging points. A 2022 kW option will be available for the AC charging feature in 22. In addition, there are various smart charging programs that can be activated automatically depending on location and functions such as battery-saving charging.

"Purposeful Design" understanding

Although close to the S-Class, the EQS is built from the ground up on an all-electric platform. This completely new concept makes “Design with Purpose” possible. With its “Single Spring Design”, fastback rear design and cabin positioned as far forward as possible, the EQS stands out from other vehicles even at first glance. “Emotional Simplicity” design philosophies combined with “Progressive Luxury” bring reduced lines and seamless transitions.

In the front design, the black radiator grille with the Mercedes-Benz Star exclusive to Mercedes-EQ and the innovative headlights connected by a light band create a distinctive appearance. The 3-Dimensional Mercedes-Benz Star used in the radiator grille uses the original star of Daimler-Motorengesellschaft, which was registered as a trademark in 1911.

Revolutionary Hyperscreen that can analyze the driver's eyelid

Hyperscreen stands out as one of the most exciting aspects of interior design. The large, curved screen stretches across the entire console, from the left A-pillar to the right A-pillar. Behind the wide glass, a total of three screens come together to look like a single screen. The 12,3-inch OLED screen for the front passenger also provides personalization and control area in the passenger seat. Depending on legal regulations, entertainment functions can only be accessed from this screen while driving. An intelligent camera-based security system automatically dims the screen if it detects that the driver is looking at the front passenger's screen.

In EQS, the main screen is redesigned to be completely user-oriented. With MBUX, the smart system reacts according to your preference and situation, recognizes you and offers you predictive suggestions. Thanks to the "Easy Access Screen", 80% of the most frequently used functions are directly accessible without changing any menu.

The state-of-the-art driver assistance systems support the driver at many points. The micro-sleep function offered with Concentration Loss Assistant comes into play as a new feature. The driver's eyelid movements are analyzed via a camera in the driver's display, available only with MBUX Hyperscreen. The help display in the driver display shows the operation of the driving assistance systems in a clear full-screen view.

The Integrated Safety Principles (especially accident safety) apply to all vehicles, regardless of platform. Like all Mercedes models, the EQS is equipped with a rigid passenger compartment, special deformation zones and the latest safety systems. Available as standard on PRE-SAFE® EQS. The fact that the EQS has an all-electric platform opens up new design possibilities for the safety concept. For example, it means providing a suitable place for the battery to be placed in a crash-proof area in the lower body. Also, since there is no large engine block, the behavior in a frontal collision can be modeled more comfortably. In addition to standard crash tests, the vehicle's performance in various additional stress situations has been confirmed and extensive component testing has been carried out at the Vehicle Safety Technology Center (TFS).

Ventilation system that can clean an area the size of approximately 150 football fields

With ENERGIZING AIR CONTROL PLUS, Mercedes-Benz is taking a more comprehensive approach to air quality than ever before at EQS. System; filtration, sensors, display concept and air conditioning. With its special filtration system, the HEPA filter captures fine particles, microparticles, pollen and other substances entering with the outside air. Thanks to the activated charcoal coating, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and odors are also reduced. HEPA filter has “OFI CERT” ZG 250-1 certificate in the field of viruses and bacteria. With the pre-conditioning feature, the air inside can be cleaned without getting in the vehicle. Particle levels outside and inside the vehicle are also displayed in MBUX and can be viewed in detail in the dedicated air quality menu. If the outside air quality is poor, the system suggests closing the side windows or the sunroof.

Automatically opening comfort doors

Another feature that will be available from 2022 is the comfort doors that open automatically at the front and rear. When the driver approaches the vehicle, the door handles come out of their sockets; The driver's door opens automatically as the user gets closer. Using MBUX, the driver can open the rear doors, for example, to allow children to get into the vehicle safely in front of the school.

The EQS is equipped with up to 350 sensors, depending on the equipment. These rigs track distances, speeds and accelerations, lighting conditions, precipitation and temperatures, seat occupancy, and even the driver's blink frequency and passenger conversations. All this information is processed by special control units, which are controlled by algorithms and make lightning-fast decisions. The new EQS has the ability to learn thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), and accordingly, it can develop its abilities based on new experiences.

Sound themes and ENERGIZING NATURE

The versatile sound experience in the EQS enables the transition from a conventional vehicle to an electric vehicle with a sound. Various sound themes allow for an individual acoustic setup. Along with the Burmester® surround sound system, it offers two different sound themes, EQS, Silver Waves and Vivid Flux. Sound Experiences can be selected or turned off from the central display. In addition, the interactive driving sound is produced by the speakers of the interior sound system.

Three different ENERGIZING NATURE programs, Forest Clearance, Sound of the Sea and Summer Rain, are offered as the new feature of ENERGIZING COMFORT. These provide an immersive and immersive in-cab audio experience. These calming sounds were created in collaboration with acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton. Like other programs that are part of ENERGIZING COMFORT, lighting modes and images are also used to appeal to other senses.

Adaptive chassis

The chassis of the new EQS is based on the new S-Class with its four-link front and multi-link rear axle architecture. While the AIRMATIC air suspension ADS+ is offered as standard, the vehicle's suspension lowers automatically by 120 mm at around 10 km/h and another 160 mm at 10 km/h to reduce wind drag and extend the range. The vehicle height returns to the standard level as the driving speed drops to 80 km/h. Sensors that monitor the road adjust not only the height of the suspension system, but also its operating character according to the road conditions. DYNAMIC SELECT driving modes, “Comfort” (comfort), “Sport” (sport), “Individual” (personal) and “Eco” (economy), offer the possibility to adapt the suspension settings to the usage requirement.

The EQS model, which is more than 10 meters long with its rear axle steering feature with a steering angle of up to 5 degrees, offered as standard, offers a turning circle equivalent to most compact class cars with its turning circle of 10,9 meters. The respective rear axle angles and trajectories can be viewed in the drive mode menu on the central display.

Autonomous driving ready infrastructure

Thanks to the sensors around the vehicle, parking systems help the driver to maneuver easily in many areas.

The revolutionary DIGITAL LIGHT headlight technology consists of three powerful LED light modules in each headlight that refract and direct the light with 1,3 million micro mirrors. Accordingly, a resolution of more than 2,6 million pixels is achieved per vehicle.

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