Bursa Metro Extends to Görükle: 3 Stations Will Be Added

Bursa Metro Extends to Görükle 3 Stations Will Be Added
Bursa Metro Extends to Görükle 3 Stations Will Be Added

📩 03/03/2022 14:18

BursaRay, the urban rail transportation system in Bursa, is planned to be extended to Görükle by adding 3 stations. A positive response was received from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure for the 3-kilometer line.

Editor-in-Chief of Olay newspaper, who brings the developments on the subject to today's column. Ahmet Emin YılmazBursa Uludag University Rector of the project, Prof. Dr. Ahmet Saim Guide and the General Manager of Infrastructure Investments of the Ministry of Transport, Dr. He wrote that it was discussed in the meetings between Yalçın Eyigün and the Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality Ulaş Akhan.

Editor-in-Chief of Olay newspaper Ahmet Emin Yılmaz's article is as follows;

Recently… Bursa Uludag University Rector Prof. Dr. Ahmet Saim Guide hosted two guests.


General Manager of Infrastructure Investments of the Ministry of Transport, Dr. Yalcin Eyigun, the other is Ulaş Akhan, Secretary General of the Metropolitan Municipality.was.

The reason for the visit…

Bursa's urban rail transport Bursaray 'the last stop Bursa Uludag University Station'from the Gorukle 'was extended.

Right now…

last stop BUU Campus located in Bursaray 'will take me further west Gorukle Metro of the line campus It has to continue through.


AYGM 'for the project undertaken by General Manager Eygun'le Metropolitan General Secretary Akhan on their visit Rector Prof. Dr. Guide'They informed you about the project. Especially on campus They explained the work to be done.


Contact erdem directly under Beşevler Small Industrial Station'how much is projected, Erdogan Bilenser The first line completed in the period and Recep Altepe under Bursa Uludag University'after what extension Bursaray 'for the second westward extension of first concrete step has been thrown.


Gorukle Metro the project, also called Extension of Bursaray to Görükle should not be viewed as such.


University students stay Görkle In recent years, it has shown great change and growth, almost to a new city transformed. In this aspect student hostel ceased to be like Bursa's new living area It was.

Besides the…

Izmir Road'north of Bush-Kayapa-Hasanaga both on the line sanayi structuring, as well as the rapidly increasing new construction new urbanization zone is growing very fast.


Housing Akçalar-Basköy'meet up with Uluabat'about to reach.

If it's north of the road, Badırga Leather OSB ve Textile OSB starting with KOTIYAK ve TEKNOSAB 'New industrial zones are formed.

For him Onun

This extension is your new goals it paves the way.

3 stations to the 3 kilometer Görükle extension

Gorukle Metro

The process… in July 2020 Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Alinur Aktaşof Minister of Transport Adil Karaismailoğlu 'It started with his visit to

Bursaray 'ı BUU Station'from the Gorukle 'For the 3-station and 3-kilometer line that will extend to Ministry of Transportresponding positively to the support request from Minister, last month Bursa during his visit Gorukle Metro'He shared the information they had undertaken.

The process is now expected to accelerate.

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