Engine of Heavy Attack Helicopter ATAK-II to be Produced in Turkey

Engine of Heavy Attack Helicopter ATAK-II to be Produced in Turkey
Engine of Heavy Attack Helicopter ATAK-II to be Produced in Turkey

TUSAŞ General Manager Prof. Rana Mubashir's program on the Pakistani Aaj channel. Dr. TUSAŞ Helicopter Deputy General Manager Mehmet Demiroğlu, who was a guest with Temel Kotil, announced that the engine of the T929, that is, ATAK II heavy class attack helicopter, will be produced in Turkey. Upon the question, Demiroğlu stated that the T129 Atak helicopter is not completely domestic, but Ukrainian engines will be produced in Turkey in the T929 project. Since there is no domestic and national engine alternative, its engine comes from Ukraine. Temel Kotil had stated in the past that the T929 will be equipped with 2500 hp engines and will fly in 2023.

Guests participating in the program;

  • Mohammed Sohail Sajid (Head of Pakistan's TAI Office)
  • prof. Dr. Temel Kotil (TUSAŞ General Manager)
  • Dr. Rizwan Riaz (RIC Vice-Chancellor and NST Vice-President)
  • Mehmet Demiroğlu (Helicopter Deputy General Manager)

ATAK II delivery to TAF in 2025

Turkish Aerospace Industries Inc. General Manager Prof. Dr. Temel Kotil announced in A Haber's "Gendant Special" broadcast that 2025 ATAK II attack helicopters would be delivered to the Land Forces Command in 3.

Answering Defense Turk's questions after the Air and Space Vehicles Design Laboratory opening program in partnership with TAI and ITU, Temel Kotil announced that the naval version of the ATAK-II heavy class attack helicopter would be developed. Temel Kotil, “Will there be a naval version of Atak and Gökbey for ANADOLU LHD? Do you have a calendar in this direction?” to our question, “For now, we are considering the naval version of the ATAK-II.” had made a statement.

Temel Kotil had announced that the 11-ton ATAK II attack helicopter would start its engine and rotate its propellers in 2022. Kotil had previously announced that the engines of the Heavy Class Attack Helicopter ATAK-II would come from Ukraine and that a contract was signed in this context. It was announced that the T929, or ATAK-II, is in the 11-ton class and can carry 1.500 kg of ammunition.

T925 utility helicopter to fly in 2024

Temel Kotil, who gave new information about the 10 ton Class Utility Helicopter, of which there is not much information, used the name T-925 in the past while talking about the helicopter. In the last statement, Kotil stated that the T925 general purpose helicopter will have a capacity of 21 people and a ramp, and announced that the helicopter will have a joint power group with the 11-ton T-929 ATAK-II. The T11 helicopter, which will have a take-off weight of 925 tons, will have a capacity of 5 thousand horsepower (two engines). In the cargo compartment, the T925's cannon and military vehicles can be carried. The first flight date for the T-925 was stated as 2025, but Kotil pointed to the date of 18 March 2024 for the first flight. The T925 helicopter will have an improved version of the avionics systems of the GÖKBEY helicopter and perhaps. With its components similar to GÖKBEY, especially development and production, and after delivery, the user will be facilitated in processes such as maintenance, maintenance and repair.

It is considered certain that the T929 utility helicopter will be used in ANADOLU LHD together with the T925 ATAK II. Currently, there is an approach to deploying heavy class attack and utility helicopters on ANADOLU class and similar platforms. In addition to the heavy class higher ammunition / carrying capacity, they can perform tasks in more difficult sea conditions as platforms with high sea stance.

Source: defenceturk

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