EGİAD Young People Met with Ideathon Idea Marathon

Young People Meet With Egiad Ideathon Ideas Marathon
Young People Meet With Egiad Ideathon Ideas Marathon

Standing out with its innovative work EGİAD Aegean Young Businessmen Association held the Ideathon Ideas Marathon themed “Next Generation Ideas in Creative Industries” with a total award of 10 thousand TL at the Association Center at the weekend with a two-day camp. The Ideathon Ideas Competition, which attracts great interest from university students, aims to support the development of young people and contribute to their generation of ideas for the future. It was noteworthy that the majority of female students were among the high school and university students participating in the competition.

EGİAD In the organization of the Youth Commission, EGİAD In the event, which was held with the support of Izmir University of Economics Creative Economy Application and Research Center, Imaginarium XR and Spectacled Tales; new approaches to the creative industries were determined as the main theme. New ideas are the basis of innovation EGİAD Aegean Young Businessmen Association brought young people together for Ideathon (Idea Marathon). its opening, EGİAD In the event held by the Chairman of the Board of Directors Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, İzmir University of Economics Research Director of Creative Economics Dr. Sevay İpek Aydın “Creative Industries”, EGİAD Melekleri Business Development & Communication Specialist Melisa İtmeç made presentations with the title of “Creating a Business Model”. EGİAD Chairman of the Board Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Stage-co & Urla Coworking Founding Partner Neşen Yücel, İzmir University of Economics Creative Economy Research Director Dr. Sevay İpek Aydın, İzmir Development Agency Blue Growth Policy Unit Head Cangül Kuş were among the jury members of the event, and 13 girls and 10 boys took part in the event.

Alp Avni Yelkenbiçer, Chairman of the Board of Directors, made the opening speech of the competition in which nearly 80 high school and university students participated with the audience. EGİAD In order to be able to make a promise to the youth under its roof, they laid the foundation of the Youth Commission 5 years ago and announced the Ideathon event. EGİAD Expressing that they have implemented it with the initiative of the Youth Commission, “21 century. When we look at the world of technology, it has been noticed by individuals and institutions that technology is developing rapidly, competition is multifaceted and the inevitability of innovation. It is inevitable for an individual, team, institution or business to know what they want and to take steps towards their goal, to go beyond the mold and to identify possible needs from today and produce solutions. To put it more simply; innovation has a key role in revealing our differences and enabling us to leave the existing one and move forward without stopping. Ideathon, Hackathon and similar organizations are among the support mechanisms to identify possible needs and identify problems. Ideathon, which means Idea Marathon in Turkish, is a type of competition where teams come together in an open innovation environment for 1 or 2 days, based on specific or uncertain topics. EGİAD We are very excited to be leading the creation of new entrepreneurial ideas in the field of Creative Industries with the Ideathon event, which we held for the first time. In these two days, there is a high probability that you will get an initiative that will change your entire career and reveal your passion. We are only there to facilitate, accelerate, support and inspire you. Shaping our future is in our hands together with you. The cases you will work on, when we consider the number of case examples in the real sector; remains as the dust of the visible face of the iceberg. We hope that this event we support will set an example for our member businesses and show them the value of the open innovation perspective.”

Referring to the activities in the field of Angel Investing, Yelkenbiçer pointed out that the earlier the entrepreneurship is inculcated at an early age, the greater the results, and said, “We observed that the earlier the awareness studies on entrepreneurship, the greater the success in the long run. It is important to develop perceptions and attitudes towards entrepreneurship, especially in countries like Turkey with a young population, to provide entrepreneurship training at all levels, starting from a young age, and to disseminate it throughout the country. EGİAD Yelkenbiçer, stating that they are with the entrepreneurs as a company, said, “We stand by and will continue to be with the entrepreneurs with all kinds of support mechanisms from high school age to university life, from seed investment to mature entrepreneurs. We believe that the perspectives and voices of the youth are needed in order to raise the society, to ensure economic development, to ensure a sustainable future, to reduce inequalities, to use our natural resources correctly, to create fair trade and value.”

İzmir University of Economics Creative Economy Research Director Dr. Sevay İpek Aydın, on the other hand, stated that the importance of the share of the creative industries covering more than 10 sectors in the economy continues to increase, and said, “It is seen that the export rate and quality for the national economies increase as the interaction between the production sector and the creative industries increases. In interdisciplinary competition formats such as IDEATHON, a strong mental transformation is experienced in the participants and the support needs to continue for the competition outputs to come to life.”

Kazanmoments and awards

First Prize – 5.000 TL

With the Metaclay initiative, realizing that traditional producers are left alone and cultural & artistic works are disappearing day by day with the age of technology, starting from local ceramic producers, they carry the works of these producers to the web 3.0 era and transform them into NFT art.

Second Prize – 3.000 TL

With the Marblyum initiative, it is the technology provider that makes marble fairs, which are difficult to realize due to packaging and logistics difficulties, a digital experience.

Third Prize – 3.000 TL

the Kyoto initiative; It performs the optimization of the process and system design of the natural stone product network, which is one of the creative industrial sectors, thanks to its decision support software, and thus strengthening the local development dynamics.


Ideathon is an idea development and project camp. It includes both training and competition. It is essential to work and compete as a team in this marathon, where teams can work together for 2-3 days, receive training and develop their ideas through mentor meetings.

21st century. The competition in the business world is multi-faceted and too much. An organization needs to know what it wants in this competitive environment, take steps towards its goal, go beyond the mold, identify possible needs today and produce solutions. To put it simply, enterprise, change and innovation are the disguises that companies should not take off. Whether it's an idea or a project, innovation is the most important factor that enables organizations to distinguish themselves from their competitors and move forward without stopping.

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