Taksim Art Opens the 2022 Season with 'Psytic' Exhibition

Taksim Art Opens the 2022 Season with 'Psytic' Exhibition
Taksim Art Opens the 2022 Season with 'Psytic' Exhibition

Taksim Art will open its new exhibition season on February 10 with 'Psychic'. The exhibition, which will be open to visitors free of charge for one month; will host painting, sculpture, ceramics, weaving, video art, digital art, sound and art installations.

Taksim Art, where KÜLTÜR AŞ, a subsidiary of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (İBB), brings together the people of Istanbul with special selections, opens the 2022 season with 'Psytic'. Curated by Art Director Meriç Aktaş Ateş, the exhibition will be open to visitors between February 10 and March 10.

The works of 18 independent artists are based on how artists testify to assumptions. Experiencing, internalizing and hypothesizing come to life through the contact established between the viewer and the work.


Bahar Oskay Artam, Bengisu Bayrak, Beyza Boynudelik, Eda Emirdağ, Fırat Engin, Fırat Neziroğlu, Kerem Topuz, Maartiz, Melike Kılıç, Merve Dündar, Onur Fendoğlu, Pemra Aksoy, Saliha Yılmaz, Sevim Özyurt, Şevval Konyalı, Tolga Turan, Tuğçe Aytürk The “Psytatic” exhibition, featuring works by Yeşim Us, can be visited free of charge at Taksim Sanat.


Artist Fırat Neziroğlu will give a special performance on the opening day of the exhibition. With the weaving performance of 'We Are All One', all the artists in the exhibition will create a physical weaving loom with woolen threads of various colors. The bonds that hold people together will be represented.


Within the scope of the exhibition, weekly exhibition tours will be organized in the company of Art Director Meriç Aktaş Ateş and the artists participating in the exhibition. Participants will have different experiences in the exhibition with the tour where the works will be interpreted one by one. Participation in exhibition tours that will be held in limited capacity will be done by registration at kultur.istanbul/farazisergi address.

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